When Is Season 2 of Julie and the Phantoms Coming Out on Netflix?

Published 02/19/2022, 5:00 PM EST

Season one of Julie and the Phantoms was released back in 2020. Fans are pretty much amused by the show and eagerly waiting for season two on Netflix. So, let us discuss when season 2 of Julie and the Phantoms will be up on Netflix?

Season one is a blockbuster created by Kenny Ortega, who also created High School Musical and Descendants. It’s inspired by a Brazilian sitcom where a young girl plays in a band, but her band members are ghosts.


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According to Kenny Ortega explains, “I love just the basis of it. Come on, a little girl, awaking the three ghosts exploding into her life and sharing this love of music and starting a band. There was a little Hannah Montana there. It ignited my spirit because it had all of those elements that excite me about wanting to do something, and heart, and magic, and surprise, and action, and adventure.”

So, the most important question is that the “magic, love, and adventure” will continue in Season 2.

In an interview, David Hoge and Dan Cross, with TV Line, claim, “If we are lucky enough to get a second season, the ghosts would have a lot going on. They’ve always wanted to get their music out there for the world to hear. Like Luke always says, they want that connection with their audience. A number one album? The song at the top of the charts? Whatever it takes to be remembered for their music. But as you saw at the very end, there are still plenty of obstacles to get in their way. And now it seems there’s an “obstacle” in the inner circle.”

Julie and the Phantoms season 2 release date: When will it air?

It is difficult to say when Julie and the Phantoms, season 2, is coming up on Netflix. Season 1 was released back on September 10th, 2020, which has episodes and each episode of a maximum of forty minutes. But with no official confirmation from Netflix, we are not sure when it will start filming. If season 2 of Julie and the Phantoms start filming early next year, then we can expect to make its debut in the fall of 2022.

The showrunner Kenny Ortega commented on Instagram saying, “We are working hard with our Netflix partners to come back. Please continue to hang in there with us. We depend on your continued support!”


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Who all are in Julie and the Phantoms?

Julie is played by Madison Reyes as the protagonist. Other cast includes  Charlie Gillespie as Luke, Jeremy Shada as Reggie on bass, Owen Patrick Joyner as Alex, Booboo Stewart as Willie, Jadah Marie as Flynn, Savannah May as Carrie, and Cheyenne Jackson as Caleb. 

Fans have been eagerly waiting for Season 2. Check out some reactions.


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