Want More Movies Like ‘The Bubble’? Here Are 4 Judd Apatow Movies on Netflix That You Should Check Out

Published 04/05/2022, 4:30 PM EDT

There aren’t many directors who have a hold on the comedic genre as Judd Apatow does. His films may not be able to stand on a critical level. But they sure are a lot of fun to watch and leave you in splits every time. Netflix, being the extensive platform that it is, has a lot of Judd Apatow movies. So here are some of the best movies of Judd you can stream on Netflix.

Judd Apatow movies you can stream on Netflix

The King of Staten Island


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Judd Apatow’s work bears a variety of personal stamps, but it all comes down to two things: Making overlong films about overgrown man-children and assisting commercially unproven comedians in becoming huge stars by producing films and HBO shows in which they play lightly fictionalized versions of themselves.

Needless to say, a 140-minute dramedy starring and based on “SNL” breakthrough Pete Davidson — a tabloid-famous stoner who recently boasted on national television about still living with his mother — is pure Apatow. The King of Staten Island is currently streaming on Netflix.

This Is 40

This Apatow film is basically a feature-length version of casually mumbling,“Being an adult is hard, huh?” to a friend. This Is 40 features a lot of wonderful material, actual insights, and incredibly funny quips, all delivered by Leslie Mann, a performer who can make even wailing about wanting to go to the toilet in the middle of an overall scattershot picture entertaining.

The film is one of the funniest films on Netflix and if you want a mindless watch and want to share a few laughs, this is the film for you.


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A single working professional Amy is afraid of commitment until she finds the right man. The mess becomes hotter the harder she falls. Trainwreck is not as great as Apatow’s other films but it does pack in funny moments that will make you smile. Stream the movie on Netflix.


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Knocked Up

Alison becomes pregnant as a result of their one-night stand and decides to retain the baby, essentially tying her and Ben together for the rest of their lives.


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Judd went all-in on the genre in Knocked Up, unwillingly pulling it into the twenty-first century by playing on hookup culture’s happy accidents. The film is a fresh take on the dynamic of relationships and one of the finest by Apatow. Watch the film and laugh.

Stream all these films and let us know your favorite.



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