Thriller Kdramas On Netflix That You Need To Stream Before 2022 Ends!

Published 08/14/2022, 10:00 AM EDT

The Korean Wave has swept the globe like a storm. While an elite group in society was already well acquainted with the brilliant cinematic masterpieces coming from the Korean peninsula, it was during the pandemic that it soar to great heights. Moving further, the release of the nine-episode-long survival Netflix Kdrama highlighting the animalistic greed of humans further cemented the viewer’s faith in Kdramas.

The OTT Mughal is no stranger to this fact and has been adding mind-blowing Kdramas to its catalog, new and old. Netflix has given us gold in the romance and comedy genres with Kdramas such as Our Beloved SummerWelcome to Waikiki, and Twenty-Five Twenty One. However, it is in the thriller genre that Netflix truly hit it out of the park. So, we have ranked thriller Kdramas you need to stream on Netflix before 2022 ends!


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Netflix Thriller Kdramas That Will Give You The Chills!


Each one of us has had this thought during our childhood days about how cool it would be if all the bad people could just be taken away by some monsters. Well, Choi Kyu Seok stole our idea and turned it into a brilliant six-episode long Kdrama, revolving around a cult that is slowly but surely taking over the world.

While the entire world is being swept up by the influence of ‘The New Truth’ a few sane people sense something suspicious and start investigating. However, it’s them against the whole world! You can watch the series in one go on Netflix


Contrary to its name, the zombie apocalypse Kdrama starring Han Hyo Joo (W: Two Worlds) and Park Hyung Sik (Strong Woman Do Bong Soon) is anything but. The series is set up in a post-pandemic Korea. A mysterious unidentified disease starts spreading like wildfire. The drama makes the COVID-19 pandemic even scarier if that was possible. The drama follows the residents of the apartment complex where Yoon Sae Bom has just moved in as the instinct to survive makes them slowly let go of their humanity.

The show brilliantly showcases how you don’t need to be eating human flesh and running wild to be inhuman. Moreover, this thriller Netflix Kdrama consists of only twelve episodes, so make sure to check it out.

Flower Of Evil

Another Netflix thriller Kdrama that will blow you away is the Lee Joon Gi starrer Flower Of Evil. The plot of the drama revolves around a happily married couple Baek Hee Sung and Cha Ji Won. In the eyes of the world, the two are the picture-perfect couple with a lovely daughter and well-established jobs. However, while investigating murders from fifteen years ago, Cha Ji Won finds her husband behaving strangely.

As she goes deeper into the investigation, Cha Ji Won’s worst fears start coming to life. The series has the ability to keep you hooked every second. Stream it here.


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Be it humor, romance, and crazy action sequels, the 2021 Netflix Kdrama, ticks all the boxes. The screenplay of the drama is written by Park Jae Beom who is known for his work in The Fiery Priest. Adding the cherry on the top is the fact that THE Song Joon Ki (Descendants Of The Sun) plays a Korean-Italian consigliere in this drama. If you are a regular in the Kdrama world, then you must know that Song Joon Ki, suits, and action scenes are a deadly combination.

Furthermore, the series is brilliantly produced with an array of beautiful scenery to please your eyes. It follows Vincenzo as he returns to Korea and goes against the biggest pharmaceutical company. If breaking laws but for a good cause is your thing then Vincezo is right up your alley. Not to mention, the female lead Han Cha Young played by the beautiful Jeon Yeo Been will forever remain in our minds rent-free. No doubt one of the best Netflix thriller Kdramas. Don’t miss out on this one and stream it now.


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Law School

While the competition is tough, we would pick Law School as the best thriller Kdrama on Netflix any day. The series is set up in the most prestigious law school in the country. When a professor dies inside the college premises, it wrecks chaos.


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The prime suspect turns out to be a professor with a snarky personality who does not bow down to anyone. However, as the investigation continues, secrets about the students start coming to light. Right, when you think you know what went down, they will throw in another revelation, and you will be back to square one.

Have you streamed any of these shows on Netflix before? If yes, which of these is your favorite? Also tell us in the comments if you think we need to add a show to this list.



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