What To Watch This Weekend on Netflix in January 8th

Published 01/08/2021, 10:44 AM EST

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Netflix is coming up with very good productions this weekend. Stay home, stay safe, and watch Netflix this weekend.

Netflix will add a wide variety of productions this weekend. While the COVID-19 danger continues in 2021, you can stay at home and watch many productions with your family and loved ones.

This weekend, Netflix will add two different documentaries, a drama movie, a TV show about New York City, and a French TV show to the platform. We have created a list for you to make the best choice among these alternatives. Do you want to watch a documentary drama, or anything fun this weekend? It’s entirely up to you.


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Netflix TV Shows and Movies This Weekend

Genre: Comedy, Adventure

Lupine is a French adventure comedy series inspired by the adventures of the character Arsène Lupin. The first episode of the series was directed by Louis Leterrier, known for movies such as The Transporter, The Incredible Hulk and Now You See Me. In addition, the successful actor Omar Sy also appears in the series.

Synopsis: The story of the series is that Assane Diop is seeking justice for his father, who died years ago after being accused of wrongdoing. In doing so, he is inspired by Arsène Lupin. This is a story of the robbery, and the famous Louvre Museum will be at the center of the story.

Stars: Omar Sy, Vincent Londez, Shirine Boutella.

Genre: Drama

Synopsis: “Pieces Of A Woman focuses on the life of a woman who lost her child during childbirth. The woman who lost her baby while giving birth at home is shaken by the pain she experienced. The woman mourning the death of her baby, while trying to face the pain she suffered for a year, tries to overcome the problems she experienced with her husband and mother.”

Stars: Vanessa Kirby, Shia LaBeouf, Ellen Burstyn

Genre: Documentary

Synopsis: “Netflix’s new documentary series Surviving Death delves into whether there is life after death and discusses issues that have been thought of for centuries, such as the meaning of death and whether death is the end of our existence. It is presented to the audience as a documentary with first-person stories told by people returning from the brink of death and even experiencing death.”

Genre: Documentary, Comedy

Synopsis: Famous actor Nicolas Cage will present a new Netflix documentary that explores the history of English profanity.

“History Of Swear Words is a funny but educational look at the etymology of various swear words, how they came to be swear words, and why they work so well as swear words. Each episode focuses on a single word: “Shit”, “Bitch”, “Pussy”, “Dick”, “Pussy” and “Damn”. But they start off with the biggest swear word of them all: “Fuck”.”

Stars: Nicolas Cage, Nikki Glaser, London Hughes, Elvis Mitchell.


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Genre: Documentary, Biography

Synopsis: “The documentary covers a variety of topics ranging from tourists to money, from subways to art and the not-so-easy act of walking in Times Square. An entertaining documentary about the city that Martin Scorsese knows best presents an amazing New York beautification that will evoke joy and familiar feelings in people who love this city at least as deep as they do.”


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Stars: Fran Lebowitz, Martin Scorsese

What productions will you watch this weekend?



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