5 Movies Like Jason Mamoa’s ‘Slumberland’ to Keep You Calm Until The Release

Published 10/07/2022, 9:00 PM EDT

A fantasy trope with adventures like never before and landscapes so enthralling, Jason Momoa’s upcoming sci-fi movie, Slumberland on Netflix will certainly be a visual feast for our eyes. From what the trailer suggests, Alice in Wonderland meets the land of dreaming in this Netflix Original. It is the tale of the adventures of Nemo, a small girl in search of her father, and a sweet outlaw, Flip (Jason Momoa). Aiming to reconnect Nemo with her father Peter, the two enter the world of Slumberland where they battle nightmares and discover dreams.

The trailer itself looks so amazing that you might get restless as you wait for the movie to finally hit your screens. Hence to calm your nerves and rest your horses, here are 5 movies to match the likes of the upcoming sci-fi drama:


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#5 Sweet Girl

Although it is not about reuniting a girl with her father, the action-thriller is about protecting the only family the protagonist has left: his daughter. While he does so, he is also seeking vengeance on his wife’s murderers, demanding justice for her.

And the best thing is, it stars Jason Momoa as its main protagonist. So if you want some dose of our eccentric and adventurous Flip, go stream the movie right away, only on Netflix. Other projects in which you can find the 43-year-old American actor are Aquaman, and Game of Thrones.

#4 The Adam Project

If you are looking for a science-fiction adventure with a lot of humor that Slumberland will seemingly bring to your screen shortly, The Adam Project is the movie for you. The film includes Ryan Reynolds as a fighter pilot from the future who accidentally lands in 2022, teams up with his 12-year-old self, and saves the future.

It has action, pathos, and wonderful visual effects. Ryan Reynolds is terrific, and he will certainly keep you on the edge of your seats until Momoa is done preparing for his adventures to the dreamland. If you haven’t already watched the movie, you can always turn on your Netflix and enjoy the next 2 hours of uninterrupted adventures.

#3 The Sea Beast

Just like Slumberland, adventure is at the heart of this Netflix Original. If you are up to go on a voyage in the animated world, go stream The Sea Beast right away. An epic swashbuckling adventure, stunningly designed and dynamically animated, the monsters of the movie will surely melt your heart. The movie follows a young girl who stows away on the ship of an award-winning legendary monster hunter. His life and learnings are flipped over when the young girl befriends the scariest monster of all on the high seas.

Furthermore, the fast, fluid action of the battles and the beautiful seascape panoramas make the adventure feel as big and magnificent as the creatures at the story’s center. The vibrant and crisp animation creates a dazzling world for viewers to escape to as they wait for the upcoming Jason Momoa starring adventure-filled film, Slumberland, to arrive on Netflix. Notably, another animated movie to take you on a journey like no other is Adventures of Tin-Tin.

#2 The Chronicles of Narnia

Well, we have all grown up watching this tantalizing film series during our entire childhood. The 3 movies depict the adventures of children in the mysterious and magical world of Narnia, guided by Aslan, a wise and powerful lion. Just as the trailer and synopsis of Slumberland suggest, Narnia too takes the children to the world of dreaming and answers their deepest queries.

Not only will the fantasy movies keep you engaged as you wait for the Netflix original, but if you decide to stream it, it will be a beautiful and nostalgic ride to the dream world of your childhood. Yet another series of such nostalgic movies, that will take you to the most magical yet exciting days of your life is Jumanji. 

However, they are not available on Netflix. You can stream both the film series on Amazon and Sony pictures, respectively.

#1 Alice in Wonderland


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There is perhaps no soul in this world who is not aware of the escapade of the exquisite young girl Alice. So join Alice as you wait for Nemo to bring her adventures to your home and follow the rabbit in the blue cloak into the topsy-turvy world which is full of unattained mysteries and destiny awaiting our beautiful warrior.

Mind you though, you will have to shrink in size and even fight a deadly dragon if you want to wake up from the dream, alive. One can easily stream the movie either on Disney+ or on YouTube.


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As you wait for Slumberland to make its debut on Netflix, which of the above-mentioned films are you going to stream first? Let us know in the comments below.



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