Watch: Real Nick Kroll Versus His Adolescent Avatar in Big Mouth

Published 02/17/2022, 8:00 PM EST

One of the most binge-worthy shows of all time is Big Mouth. Big Mouth is no ordinary show. On Netflix, it is full of innuendos, awkward situations, and highlights the real issues of a teenager. With the show’s great concept, the cast is also amazing, which includes Nick Kroll, John Mulaney, Maya Rudolph, Jordan Peele, Jason Mantzoukas, Fred Armisen, Jenny Slate, and Jessi Klein. The show highlights positive reviews, but it still received a lot of negative critical comments from the viewers.

Big Mouth covers a lot of social issues like sexual awakenings, relationship struggles — between teenagers and grown adults, gay relationships, and different physical changes going through an adolescent body.


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Netflix has grown its kingdom, its increasing Netflix originals exponentially. The goal of Netflix is to upload series every week. So, Big Mouth is a promising series on Netflix.

Netflix has released a video on their Twitter official account about Nick Kroll and his adolescent avatar coming face-to-face in Season 5.

Pep-talk between Nick Kroll and his adolescent avatar from Big Mouth

The adolescent avatar of Nick Kroll claimed that Nick Kroll was using him for the show. He says, “So, let me get this straight: you are using me and the entire show to work through your own shit from when you are a kid.” 

He also added, “What the f**k? Where do you get the gall to create me just to torture me? You are the writer, you wrote that line. You are just complimenting yourself.”

Nick Kroll makes him understand that both of them are writing the script together.


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But the adolescent avatar was arrogant, and he was claiming his purpose here. He says, “I want to know what I am doing here.” After that, both of them are blaming each other and make each other “the bad guy”.

Nick Kroll explains to his adolescent avatar, “We all have our monsters. Hormones, anxiety, depression, hate- it’s all about how you deal with them. Your monsters are you.”

He also added, “You wanted to know who’s in charge, well, it’s you.”


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We all know being an adolescent can be quite difficult. With so many changes- be it hormonal, physical, or emotional- each change affects our brain functions and the chemicals produced by the brain.


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