WATCH: “Destiny Is a Beast” the Witcher 2 Trailer Is Here and So Is Jaskier

Published 10/30/2021, 5:27 AM EDT

The Witcher has finally announced its arrival with a full-length trailer, and it is looking absolutely magical. We finally got to see the monsters, magic, lead characters, and Jaskier. We can only imagine what chaos awaits Geralt, Siri, and Yennefer when the season arrives this winter on Netflix. Here is everything that The Witcher 2 trailer served us with.

The Witcher season 2 will release on December 17. It will probably set things on fire during the cold month. Starring Henry Cavill, Freya Allan, and Anya Chalotra, the Netflix Original is probably one of the biggest shows on the streaming platform. The fact that The Witcher 2 trailer crossed 3 million views within the first 16 hours tells you a lot about it.


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The monsters, the Witcher, and everything else

Season 2 of the show promises us more monsters, who actually are supposed to “hibernate” but are wide awake and causing chaos. The one thing you find around monsters is a witcher hunting them down; so does our very handsome and hot Geralt of Rivia. While the continent has still not recovered from the mayhem that happened in the season 1 finale, yet another big war awaits between the North and the South, which will decide the fate of the continent.

As shown in The Witcher 2 trailer, the season will primarily focus on Siri’s training as a witcher; along with Geralt’s usual monster-hunting, and Yennefer and her self-discoveries.

I absolutely loved how Geralt just jokes about how he has survived 3 supposed “end of days”. To be honest, if there is anyone who can survive, it is him. Geralt knows how to take on a fight, and he goes on to prove it by saying, “Fear is an illness that can consume you, our best chance is to face it.” Literal goosebumps, eh? No? Maybe you need to watch it yourself-

The Witcher 2 trailer – The return of Jaskier along with his friends

If there is one thing that has made the fans as excited as ever, it is the return of Geralt’s close friend Jaskier. He even has two new friends, two of the cutest mice in the world; probably Geralt is jealous of them as well. We do not know their names yet, but you can bet he has named them; it was confirmed when the show-runner answered a question about it on Twitter.

The fans reaction to the trailer

People have gone absolutely crazy over this new trailer of the show. They are showing all the love and support for it. We cannot wait for December to arrive. Here are some of the reactions that will tell about how the world is welcoming their Witcher.


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Let us know how excited you are about Netflix‘s The Witcher in the comments below.


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