Vikings: Valhalla- Ferocious Vikings And Their Rivals Have Armored Up, And So Should You- Check Images

Published 02/20/2022, 8:30 AM EST

The three ferocious new generation Vikings are only a week away to bring their voyage to Netflix. And Netflix Geeked is behaving more notoriously than ever. Although Netflix could have created a carbon copy of the original series; leaning into its themes of legacy and adventurous storytelling, it has levied Valhalla in a different direction. Set a hundred and twenty-five years after the original series; Vikings: Valhalla will take us to a world where entities like Ragnar and Lagertha are more of mythic figures than real people.

What sets Vikings: Valhalla different from its original series is its extensive and sprawling cast. While the original majorly revolved around the Lothbrok, and his children later on; this new-gen series has half a dozen major characters each with their own agenda and unique story. And with a little time remaining in the release of this historical thriller, Netflix Geeked on Twitter posted some jaw-dropping pictures of these Vikings, leaving fans in awe.

Netflix Geeked posted exclusive pictures of Vikings: Valhalla on Twitter


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Earlier, this Twitter handle of the streaming service posted a video in which creators and stars shared some eye-catching details to notice in this sequel. Following this video, Netflix Geeked posted the most enticing character posters ever. Fans could see the three barbaric Vikings holding their swords, ready to tear down anything and everything in their way. Now, again, it has posted four promising pictures of these young buccaneers, captioning, “armor up: VIKINGS: VALHALLA hits Netflix in just one week.” And we certainly could not take our eyes off them.

Now, if you are wondering what these pictures suggest, we have got it covered for you

Know your characters

Picture one: The first picture shows Freydis Eriksdotter, and we must fear her strength. She is the half-sister of Leif and defender of the old Norse religion. She is one of the most formidable warriors in Norway, and won’t stop without seeking revenge in blood. Viking women were absolute actors in their own lives in the Christian medieval period, and Freydis here sets a perfect example.

Picture two: In the second picture, we see Harald Sigurdsson on the voyage. The king of Norway is surely on his way to avenge the victims of the St. Brice’s day massacre.


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Picture three: The third picture depicts another powerful woman from the Vikings world. Jarl Estrid Haakon is a fictional leader, who rules over the now cosmopolitan port city.

Picture four: The last picture introduces us to Prince Edmund. A handsome prince who would need to take back the land Vikings invaded, in order for him to become the destined man. Would he be able to do it? Would he get support from other powerful kings and queens to save England? Well, on 25th February, we will be able to discover it all.


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We know these pictures already intrigued you. Do let us know in the comment section which of these characters you loved the most. Our personal favorite is Freydis for sure.



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