Tom Holland “Hated” Benedict Cumberbatch In ‘The Power of the Dog’ For This Reason

Published 01/29/2022, 9:15 AM EST

Tom Holland and Benedict Cumberbatch are giving us friendship goals. They are bonded in Marvel Cinematic Universe as Spider-Man and Doctor Strange. Recently, both of the actors have joined together to discuss Jane Campion’s critically acclaimed The Power of the Dog.

Holland questions Benedict Cumberbatch about his journey on the set of The Power of the Dog. They talked about his preparations and the challenges Cumberbatch has to face when he stepped into the role of Phil Burbank. His character is a charismatic, egoistic rancher who torments every member of his family. Starting from his brother, played by Jesse Plemons, his sister-in-law, Kirsten Dunst, and her young son played by Kodi Smit-McPhee.


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Tom Holland expressed that he really hated Cumberbatch in the film.

Let’s find out why Tom Holland hated Cumberbatch in The Power of the Dog of Netflix.

Benedict Cumberbatch on The Power of the Dog with Tom Holland

Holland, while starting their conversation, says, “The film is so shocking and it’s so gut-wrenching and the intricacies of your character — I’ve never seen a character arc quite like it.


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He also claimed that the character played by Benedict in the film is a contrast to his real-life personality. Holland explains,“When I meet you at the beginning of the film, I’m like, ‘Whoa, that’s not the Benedict that I know. What on earth is going on here?’ For the first time in knowing you, I really, like, hated you. I thought you were horrible and so, just grotesque and awful. “


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He also added, “As the film progresses, what I loved about it was that it has these themes of toxic masculinity and gaslighting but it explores the problem rather than the problem just being present. Not that his actions are justified in any way, but you understand why he is the way he is.”

But, to our surprise, his reaction did not surprise Benedict Cumberbatch. He was expecting this kind of reaction from him. Holland responded he can’t stand the behavior of his character. He claims, “I then get the reaction of people that they go back to it, maybe a second time through, or even like you, start off in this position of being repelled and then lean in and see him as what he is really, which is a tragic figure.


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The film has received a lot of positive critical reviews and awards show recognition. The Power of the Dog has received awards for best drama motion picture, best director, and best performance by an actor in a supporting role in a motion picture, at the Golden Globes.

In conversation with The Hollywood Reporter, Cumberbatch claims that to be in the character, he spent six days without washing, just like the character. Due to high smoking, he has even given himself nicotine poisoning during the shoot. Cumberbatch explains, “The dirt, the feeling of sweat, and smell, and stench, and blood, and sinew and shit, all of that stuff just had to be real.



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