The DETAILS You MISSED in The Witcher Season 2 – Top 10 Easter Eggs

Published 12/31/2021, 3:30 PM EST

It has been a good number of days since we got The Witcher Season 2 for ourselves. Even then, each passing day gives us yet another reason to ponder upon the beauty and intricacy the show holds. Netflix made sure that the series has enough juice from the books and the games to induce a sense of excitement in its fans. So, let us all come together and check out some of the Easter eggs that you may have missed while watching the show.

The Netflix Original follows Geralt, a monster hunter while he goes on adventures. On one of his adventures, he finds his destiny tangled with a child named Cirilla; another journey connects him to Yennefer, a mage. The show is based on the books written by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski, who has created a fantastic world of his own. While the first season of the series followed the books as well, the second season takes us closer to the original material which inspired it.

Let us look at some moments and references from the show that we are pretty sure you missed out on.


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The Witcher Season 2 references to the books

The first obvious reference to the books is the scene where Ciri meets Yennefer for the first time. It startled Geralt and Yen when Ciri walks in on them, just before they were about to kiss each other. The Wolf introduced her as a “Dear Friend”, something that he clumsily called her in the books after they were separated for a long time.

There was also a mention of unicorns, which is a nod to their existence in the world of The Witcher books. Ciri asks if she has ever seen one; to which yen replies she used to own a stuffed one that broke under mysterious circumstances. This brief sentence, and the notorious look that Geralt and Yen exchange, is a nod to their intimate encounter spent upon a unicorn.

Ciri too replies that she would like to meet one someday, and it is an obvious reference to the books where they actually exist. In the books, Ciri befriends one and names it Little Horse, which she uses to jump between the world.

The Season 1 references we never saw coming

In one scene where Jaskier is trying to get Yen and Cahir along with some elves into a boat, one of the security guards comments on one of the bard’s songs. While it looks like he is making fun of him and criticizing his work; he actually retells us the entire plot of season 1 of The Witcher. He mentions the three confusing timelines, the kiss, and even the golden dragon from season 1.

It seems like the bath joke will never end for Geralt. yet again in The Witcher Season 2, his friend Nivellen jokes about how awful he smells and offers him a bath.

Another reference to the events of season 1 is when The Deathless Mother gives Ciri a sweet dream. We see everything that happened in Cintra once again, only this time there are some drastic changes about how things unfold. For example, Ciri readily agrees to the dance when Martin asks her. We even see Mousesack’s face turn into the Doppler assassin who murdered him in the first season.

A journey from The Witcher Season 2 to the Witcher Games

Another reference to the books we see is when we come across the Medallion Tree at Kaer Morhen. While Vesemir is adding Eskel’s medallion to the tree, along with the other witchers who have fallen. We see a medallion shaped like a wolf-head, which is an explicit reference to the Witcher games.

The Witcher Season 2 also brought a lot of signs from the games. We saw Geralt using only a few of them in season one, but this time around we saw more of witcher magic in action. We saw him use signs like Quenn, Igni, and even Yrden sign.

Another reference to the Witcher Games is the mention of an overly friendly rock troll that Geralt talks about to Ciri. There is a troll in the games, infamous for being very talkative, and it is just fun to see him make it to the show. Even though it was just for a few seconds in Geralt’s bedtime story to Ciri.


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A nod to Duny being alive

In the dream where we see Ciri’s entire family turn to dust, thanks to Voleth Meir’s illusion, we notice that Duny never really fades to dust. This might be a hint at him being alive. Which was later revealed in the finale, as he is the Emperor of Nilfgaard, Emhyr.


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