The Kominsky Method season 3 official trailer and release date revealed

Published 04/29/2021, 7:52 PM EDT

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Netflix shared the official trailer for The Kominsky Method season 3 alongside the release date of the last installment.

Netflix is going to release one last season for its comedy series The Kominsky Method. The series debuted on the popular streaming platform in November 2018. Roughly a year after that, a second season followed in October 2019. Winner of two Golden Globes, The Kominsky Method is going to back with its third season. Netflix shared the official trailer and the release date for the last season of The Kominsky Method. They are going to release it at the end of May.

The series is about a former actor Sandy Kaminsky, who was successful for just a brief amount of time. That actor currently makes a living by teaching people how to act. Even though the series is mostly a comedy, there are very dramatic elements to it as well. We see Kaminsky and his agent struggle in life without knowing what to do.


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Here is Netflix’s synopsis for The Kominsky Method:

“Acting coach Sandy Kominsky and best friend Norman Newlander keep each other laughing as they navigate the ups and downs of getting older.”

Michael Douglas plays the main character, Sandy Kominsky, while Alan Arkin plays his best friend Norman Newlander. Sarah Baker, Nancy Travis, Graham Rogers also play in The Kominsky Method. Chuck Lorre is the creator of the series.

Netflix is going to release The Kominsky Method season 3 on May 28th. Even though it’s a long interval compared to the period between the first and the second season, we do not have much to wait for. Here is the official trailer for the last season of the series.



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