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‘Rick and Morty’ Creator Dan Harmon Drools at the Possibility of a “Six Hour” Snyder Cut of the Dream Live Action Adaptation of His Animated Series

October 12, 2023

‘Rick and Morty’ Manga Is Hunting for Anime Fans’ Aprroval as It Pays Homage to ‘Evangelion’ and ‘Attack on Titan’

March 30, 2023

How ‘Rick and Morty’ Season 6 Takes a Dig at the Will Smith Oscar Slapgate

October 15, 2022

“Do you think we can handle Rick and Morty…,” Kim Asks Kanye in a Home Design Quiz

October 14, 2022

“I fu*king love that”- ‘Rick and Morty’ Co-creator Goes Gaga Over Elon Musk’s $44 Billion Spending Spree

October 1, 2022

‘Rick and Morty’ Season 6 Episode 1 Takes a Dig at Audience and Their Obsession With the Series

September 8, 2022

“Evil Morty is coming back”: Rick and Morty Creator Dan Mormon Hints at What Fans Should Expect From Season 6

September 6, 2022

After Portal Reset in Season 6, Which Dimension Did Rick and Morty Go?

September 6, 2022

‘Rick and Morty’ Loses Out on an Emmy Award Against a Prominent Netflix Production; ‘Doctor Strange’ in the Nominees as Well

September 5, 2022

From Giant Squirrel to Sherlock Holmes, The New ‘Rick and Morty’ season 6 Opening Sequence Has It All!

September 4, 2022

When Will ‘Rick and Morty’ Season 6 Release on Netflix? Check the Date and Time of the Big Release

September 4, 2022

New Wormageddon Clip from ‘Rick and Morty’ Gives ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Vibes as The Smith Family Fights a New Villain

September 4, 2022