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How Ryan Reynolds Was Once Ready to Learn Hebrew for Gal Gadot

January 17, 2024

Netflix’s ‘Red Notice 2’ Sequel Starring Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot Gets a Disappointing Update for 2024

November 11, 2023

“We never left” – Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot’s 2017 Interview Is a Testament to Their Love for DCEU’s Superman and Wonder Woman

October 11, 2023

“Bad Actress”- Fans Bash Gal Gadot’s Performance as Wonder Woman, Following Major DCEU Revelation After Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck Exits

October 11, 2023

Wonder Woman Gal Gadot Revealed the Perfect Sunday Plan For “A Girl”, Which Surprisingly Involves Jennifer Aniston and Her Friends

October 11, 2023

Stripped of Superman Cape, What if Henry Cavill Played Villain in James Gunn’s DC?

September 26, 2023

Arnold Schwarzenegger Touched Gal Gadot’s Heart With His Anti-Hatred Gesture in Auschwitz

August 27, 2023

After ‘Red Notice’ With Ryan Reynolds Disappointed Fans, Gal Gadot’s New Netflix Flick Is on the Same Track

August 13, 2023

The Lasso Goes Silent as New Reports Suggest There Is No Gal Godot’s ‘Wonder Woman’ 3 in Development at DC Studios

August 11, 2023

Henry Cavill May Not Be Returning to DC, but He Has Marked a Greater Personal Victory

August 9, 2023

“She’s Good!” – Chief Action Officer, Arnold Schwarzenegger Gives His Stamp of Approval to Gal Gadot Upcoming Netflix Movie

August 8, 2023

Just Days After Her Speculated Return to DC, Gal Gadot Breaks Her Silence on Henry Cavill Recasting

August 7, 2023