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Can These 4 Oscar-Nominated Movies on Netflix Bring Home the Gold at 2023 Academy Awards Like ‘The Power of the Dog’ Did Last Year?

March 11, 2023

Ana de Armas Shares Her “Terrifying” Experience of Playing Marilyn Monroe in ‘Blonde’

January 5, 2023

How Nc-17 Rated Marilyn Monroe Biopic, ‘Blonde’ Is Different From the CBS TV Miniseries Adapted From the Same Novel

October 14, 2022

“It’s in conflict with…” – Oscar Winning ‘Blonde’ Co-star Opens Up on Marilyn Monroe and Her Interpretation in the Netflix Movie

October 1, 2022

Why Is ‘Blonde’ Receiving Backlash From the People? Heres Everything You Need to Know About the Netflix Film

September 30, 2022

Ana de Armas Rides the Wave of Praise, as Netflix’s ‘Blonde’ Lacks Lusture in Other Departments

September 29, 2022

“She’s just a woman like me”: Ana de Armas Reveals What She Feels About Marilyn Monroe at Venice Festival

September 11, 2022

‘Blonde’ Star Ana de Armas Claims Marilyn Monroe Haunted Her at the Set, “she would also throw things off the wall”

September 11, 2022

Netflix To Opt for Festival Release Instead of Theatrical Release for Upcoming Film as “streaming is the priority”

September 2, 2022

‘Blonde’ Photos: Marilyn Monroe Comes to Life in Ana de Armas With Her Romances

August 26, 2022

‘Bullet Train’ Actor Brad Pitt Defends Ana de Armas for Her Role as Marilyn Monroe: “It wasn’t until we found Ana that…”

August 4, 2022

Ana de Armas Took 9 Months’ Rigor To Master The American Beauty Marilyn Monroe’s Accent For ‘Blonde’ (Netflix)

August 3, 2022