Squid Game Quotes That You Can Relate With (English)

Published 10/05/2021, 9:27 AM EDT

Squid Game has taken over the Internet for delivering life lessons packaged in a survival thriller. The realism, relatability with characters and their faults, and its unique premise make the show an impelling experience. It is streaming on Netflix from September 17, 2021.


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Regardless of your demography, you are here in this article because you loved the show for everything it offers – the thrill, excitement, suspense, deadly children’s games, human greed, questions on humanity, etc.

So, without ado, let me take you to some of the powerful and meaningful Squid Game quotes that will stir your conscience.


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Quotes from Squid Game

“These days, even women go to war. I mean, when you finally get older, there’s not gonna be that kind of discrimination like we got now.” Seong Gi-hun

This dialogue professes a hopeful future. Gi-hun says it to her daughter in the first episode of the series.

“I’m good at everything except the things that I can’t do.” – Han Mi-nyeo

Isn’t that all of us? It’s a perception, though. We might be good at something we don’t even do, and discover that later. Like Otis did in Sex Education.

“You don’t trust people because they are trustworthy. You do it because you have nothing else to rely on.” Kang Sae-Byeok

In the end, humans only have humans to rely upon truly. Keeping your trust in someone is a risky affair, but you have to trust people because that’s the only option.

“The star sounds great. Good with me. Besides, nobody really sees many stars these days.” – Oh Il-nam

The later part of this dialogue is sarcasm on today’s generation. People no longer are stargazers who used to admire the beauty of constellations and the universe. Moreover, the pollution in the sky hides stars most days.

“Life is like a game, there are many players. If you don’t play with them, they’ll play with you.” – Oh Il-Nam

This quote goes in tandem with a lesson from Squid Game – Man eats man. Everybody is playing life, it’s on you to hold command or drop your weapons unarmed.

“Animal instinct. When faced with danger, seek refuge in the herd.” Anonymous

The above quote is also a biologically proven fact. The exact same applies to humans as well. Herds seem more secure when the danger is bigger and unpredictable.

“There’s this saying in investing, “Try not to keep your eggs in the same basket.” – Cho Sang-woo

Because if the basket falls, all your eggs would break. That is why it is wise to invest in different stocks rather than in just one when it comes to investing. Being the genius he was, Sang-woo said the above dialogue while dividing their group to choose different shapes in the second game.

“Don’t do it. That isn’t you. You’re a good person at heart.” – Kang Sae-Byeok

When everything appears devilish, even the nicest people get tested by their internal demons. Disgusted by Sang-woo’s insensitivity and greed, Seong Gi-hun pulled up the knife to kill him. Sae-Byeok stopped him from doing so by reminding him of his kindness.

“I’m alive right now because I tried damn hard to stay alive.” – Cho Sang-woo

Sang-woo was the smartest of all 456 competitors. It was his cleverness that had brought him so far in the game. However, he spoke the above words in arrogance. But, if seen from the perspective of a survivor, it is everything. Just existing some days can be difficult when you live on the edge, and they were literally in a death game.

“Good rain knows the best time to fall.” – VIP

It is a snippet from a poem by the Chinese poet Du Fu, quoted by one of the VIPs in the last game. While Sang-woo and Gi-hun fight the last round, rain starts to pour, adding up to the intensity of the last battle.

“I wanted to just feel something, just one last time before I die.” – Oh Il-Nam

When death is inevitable, people want to experience something significant before they die. Il-Nam wanted adventure as his tumor was eating him up. So, he himself participated in the game.

Nevertheless, we all have such moments of longing where we want to “feel something” that can make us more alive.

“Do you know what people with no money have in common with people with too much money? That living isn’t fun.” – Oh Il-Nam


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Too much comfort or too much struggle makes life dull and non-worthy. This also highlighted that money cannot buy happiness or contentment. Some amount of struggle is commoner’s adventure.

“Doing something is always more fun than just watching.” – Oh Il-Nam

While watching your favorite sport, a thought of being on the ground must have crossed your mind. What if you could substitute your favorite player for playing his/her game? Doing is always more interesting. Watching does give passive joy. However, ‘being’ confers the real fun.


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Let me know which Squid Game quote is your favorite in the comments below.



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