SQUID GAME QUIZ: How Much Do You Know of the Show?

Published 02/17/2022, 7:00 PM EST

While director and creator Hwang Dong-hyuk has already talked about the many things he wishes to explore in a potential season two of Squid Game, fans of the series have nothing to do but wait and feed on the crumbs of content they get in form of interviews and challenges. Here’s a Squid Game quiz to check your knowledge of the series and keep you entertained in the meantime.

About the quiz:


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  • There are 15 multiple-choice questions.
  • The questions start easy and get harder.
  • The quicker you answer the question, the better.

Let the Squid Game quiz begin

Difficulty level: Easy

What is the fourth game played in Squid Game?

  1. Honeycomb
  2. Marbles
  3. Tug of War
  4. Glass Stepping Stones

Answer: Marbles

The games in order are Red Light, Green Light, Sugar Honeycombs, Tug of War, Marbles, Glass Stepping Stones, and finally, the titular Squid Game.

What is the total prize amount for the winner of Squid Game?

  1. 400 million won
  2. 12.7 billion won
  3. 22.5 billion won
  4. 45.6 billion won

Answer: 45.6 billion won

Squid Game had a total of 456 players. After each player’s death 100 million won was added to the prize money, creating a sum total of 45.6 billion won.

What gift does Gi-hun end up giving his daughter on her birthday?

  1. A bag of Squid meat
  2. A cigarette lighter
  3. A ripped cuddly toy
  4. A bag of marbles

Answer: A cigarette lighter

Gi-hun, after multiple failed attempts, ends up giving a cigarette lighter to his daughter on her birthday. The packaging of the gift is eerily similar to the coffins used in the later episodes of the Netflix Original.


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Difficulty level: Medium

How many tiles do the contestants have to cross in the glass stepping stones game?

  1. 15
  2. 16
  3. 18
  4. 20

Answer: 18

Art director Chae Kyung Sun had to redesign the stepping stones because the initial one was placed too far apart and hence was too dangerous for the actors to work on.

What is the name of the mysterious group of people who arrive on the island in episode seven?

  1. The Golden Boys
  2. The Animal Gang
  3. The VIPs
  4. The Masked MVPs

Answer: The VIPs

The VIPs are the group of people living a lifestyle of insane luxury and riches. They sponsored the Squid Game in the series for their entertainment.

In the honeycomb game, what shape does Il-nam have to cut from his biscuit?

  1. Triangle
  2. Balloon
  3. Star
  4. Umbrella

Answer: Star

The biscuits, known as dalgona, have been a rage on the internet, inspiring many games and challenges.


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Difficulty level: Difficult

Which guard does Hwang Jun-ho replace when he infiltrates the island?

  1. Guard 007
  2. Guard 029
  3. Guard 123
  4. Guard 666

Answer: Guard 029

The iconic costumes were designed with uniform color and shape to represent the erasure of individuality and personality. It plays on Squid Game’s allegory about the competitive modern society.

Byeong-gi, the doctor, receives hints about the next game, but how does he receive the first clue?

  1. A note in his pocket
  2. Hidden inside a cake
  3. Written on a toilet door
  4. Whispered by a guard

Answer: Hidden inside a cake

What is Jang Deok-su, the bully gangster’s, player number?

  1. 001
  2. 101
  3. 218
  4. 333

Answer: 101

Difficulty level: Brutal

When playing Squid Game, what nickname is given to the person crossing the middle of the playing field?

  1. The Lightning Policeman
  2. The Speedy Baker
  3. The Secret Inspector
  4. The Quiet Banker

Answer: The Secret Inspector

How many contestants die in the game of Red Light, Green Light?

  1. 43
  2. 119
  3. 203
  4. 255


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Answer: 255

What is the name of the winning horse that wins Gi-hun his bet?

  1. Sugarcube
  2. Test of Strength
  3. Thunderflash
  4. Goldenboy


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Answer: Thunderflash


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