Squid Game on Netflix: Why to Watch? Season 2 and More

Published 09/23/2021, 9:27 AM EDT

Netflix released another original Korean title, Squid Game, which has taken fans by storm, taking the top spot. Squid Game is a survival K-drama written and directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk that premiered worldwide on September 17, 2021, on Netflix. The thriller is in the race of becoming the most popular K-drama on the streaming giant.


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The top trending show is breaking the charts by simultaneously delivering suspense, thrill, horror, and adventure. The 9 episode long show is disturbing yet fascinating to watch. Fans have been the major reason for popularising the show in just one week by word of mouth and social media.

Squid Game Synopsis


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Squid Game follows multiple children’s games being played by adults but with sinister twists. People from all walks of life, who are in dire need of money, receive a mysterious invitation to join the game. 456 debt-ridden desperate contestants compete in a mysterious and deadly survival game. They choose to play for the prize money of 45.6 billion won that can pull them out of their debt’s misery. But they get locked into a secret location where they play crooked traditional Korean children’s games like Red Light, Green Light. The twist is if they lose, they die. The game that begins for money becomes for survival, life, and death.

The game’s setting is done in a vibrant, colorful, specially designed secret building, juxtaposing the game that happens within.  Interestingly, the props used are also contrasting with the actual theme of death. These features of Squid Game make it unique and exciting to watch.

Is Squid Game scary?

Losing a game means death in Squid Game. The series keeps us on the edge and contains horrific deaths. Moreover, the emotional aspect of characters and subsequent attachment to them makes it more thrilling and suspenseful. It is disturbing to watch, yet intriguing enough to not watch on your toes.

Squid Game Cast

The main cast of the series includes Lee Jung-jae, Park Hae-soo, Wi Ha-jun, Oh Young-soo, Jung Ho-yeon, Heo Sung-tae, Kim Joo-ryoung, Tripathi Anupam, You Seong-jo, and Lee You-mi.

Squid Game Episodes

  1. Red Light, Green Light
  2. Hell
  3. The Man with the Umbrella
  4. Stick to the Team
  5. A Fair World
  6. Gganbu
  7. VIPS
  8. Front Man.
  9. One Lucky Day


Red Light, Green Light Game

Known by different names worldwide, ‘Red Light, Green Light’ is the first dangerous game that the participants encounter in the series. Following is the description of the game –

An ideal game for small kids, ‘Red Light, Green light’ involves running and attention. The kids are made to stand in a line. A person who is responsible for the gameplay calls “Green Light” and “Red Light” spontaneously at will. When she says Green Light, the kids should run towards the other line. And they must stop immediately as soon as she says Red Light. If someone still keeps moving at Red Light, that kid will be out. Whoever passes through the finishing line wins.

But in Squid Game, the participants are adults, and out means death.


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Squid Game season 2

As per YTN, the director originally thought about the idea more than a decade ago. “In 2008, while reading a comic book about people who fell into extreme games, he came up with the idea of ​​’the most Korean survival film,’ between the play of memories he enjoyed as a child and the modern people who are pushed into limitless competition as adults.”


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A second season seems inevitable with the buzz that Squid Game has captured within a few days of release. Although no official announcement has been made yet, we can expect one soon.


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