Simone Ashley Talks About Fame, Bridgerton Billboard, After-Party, Uber, and Tattoo Post Season 2

Published 04/01/2022, 4:31 AM EDT

Simone Ashley aka Kate Sharma from Bridgerton has set a new standard for all the female characters out there. She is brave, fierce, clever, and outspoken. The Bridgerton star stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live where she confessed a lot of things about the Bridgerton season 2 and herself. Keep reading to find out.

As soon as Netflix dropped season 2, viewers swoon over the romantic chemistry of Jonathan Bailey and Simone Ashley aka the Viscount and the Viscountess. Their push-pull relationship in the show impressed fans. In season 2, Anthony was ready to court Kate’s sister, Edwina, and almost had a love-hate relationship with Kate. But as their verbal sparring grew, they found a unique connection between them.


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So, Simone Ashley shares her journey that how the Bridgerton fame changed her life.

Simone Ashley tackling the fame of Bridgerton

Simone Ashley shares one experience of a hotel, and how they bring her success face to face. After the release of Bridgerton season 2, Ashley stayed in a hotel in L.A., where her hotel arranged a room for her in front of a massive billboard of Bridgerton, as explained by Ashley to Jimmy Kimmel. She expresses, “I open the window to my balcony and there’s this massive Bridgerton billboard, literally right in front of me on my balcony.” She gushes over the fact that the hotel staff went beyond limits to do it for her.

Simone Ashley – Experience at Oscar Party

Simone Ashley talks about her experience at the Vanity Fair Oscars party. She was amused by the fact all the famous celebrities were standing at the party, having a good time. From her discussion with Jimmy Kimmel, we can understand attending an Oscar party is a huge thing for any fangirl.


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Simone Ashley moved out at the age of 15


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She also shared some of her childhood experiences. Ashley grew up in England and went to school there. At the young age of 15, she moved out of her parent’s house and moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. It is quite a proud moment that she made a name for herself. While recalling her old days, she says, “They were super supportive. I think it was a little bit of an intervention when I wound up in L.A., [they were] going nuts. But I think I just went.”

Simone Ashley’s pandemic hobby- tattoo making


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Simone Ashley even confesses that she is now a tattoo artist. She’s not only given herself tattoos, but also several castmates. During the lockdown, as she was stuck in L.A. alone, she explored different hobbies. She explored some of the common things like baking banana bread, tie-dying, how to make tattoos at home. She ordered her tattoo gun online and searched for instruction on YouTube on how to actually use it.

We hope to see more great works by Simone Asley in the future.



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