Science EXPLAINED: The Upside Down From ‘Stranger Things’ Can Actually Be Real?

Published 02/17/2022, 4:00 PM EST

Celebrations of Stranger Things Day might have been subdued, but we have some interesting geeky stuff about the Upside Down. The fans will need a recap of what exactly is Stranger Things’ the upside down before the 4th season begins.

According to the multiverse theory, our universe cannot exist alone and it is just a drop in the vast ocean, where the physical constants might vary. There are four theories on the multiverse by different scientists. Allow me to be Mr. Clarke as we look at the theories to find out if the Demogorgons could ever attack us.

Infinite worlds theory


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We know that there are infinite worlds out there. Even if we consider the probability, there might be a similar universe out there. And this could complicate a lot of things.

If you ever feel sad, just remember, your alternate self might be fighting a Demogorgon. And you don’t need to worry about them traveling to this universe, as we are more than miles apart.

Cosmic inflation theory

According to this theory, the universe expanded faster than the speed of light, which caused an explosion of space. Since the explosion wasn’t uniform, it created bubble universes like our own, while other universes moved further away from us. So, the Demogorgon fighters can rest, as it is unlikely that they can reach us.

Many-worlds interpretation theory

We all know that light acts as a particle and wave, which led scientist Hugh Everett III to find a solution. Hugh said, “The wave doesn’t collapse. We see one result here, but in other universes that split off from our own, other users see other outcomes.”

We can summarise with an example from the 3rd season. Max and Eleven play spin the bottle, and it lands on Billy, but by many-world theory, the bottle could have landed on someone else.



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Within string theory and its higher-dimensional extension, M-theory, a multiverse of a different kind has been proposed. These theories need ten or eleven spacetime dimensions that float above each other, and branes or strings join the structure. If these branes brush up against our world, it could open the portal to Stranger Things’ the Upside Down.

The Upside Down

The Upside Down is an alternate dimension that exists in tandem with our own. Mind Flayer controls a hive mind which acts as host to most, if not all, of the dimension’s vegetation and animals. As a result, it leads to the forming of a massive superorganism. Demogorgons, a species of humanoid predators, live in this dimension. These predators are a vital component of this hive mind.


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