Pete Davidson Breaks His Silence and Calls Kanye West “A Genius” at Netflix Is a Joke Festival

Published 05/03/2022, 4:30 AM EDT

One of the biggest controversies of 2022 and probably this decade was Pete Davidson and Ye. The whole world was shocked to see the two major celebrities getting tangled up in a feud. But Pete decided not to say anything about the issue and maintained his silence till now.

During his show, Netflix Is a Joke Festival. The SNL member decided for the first time to respond to the harsh words of Ye. Let us see what he had to say.

Pete Davidson response to Ye


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At this weekend’s Netflix Is a Joke Festival, where he headlined two stand-up gigs that were also being recorded for the streaming service. Pete Davidson made his first public statement about being harassed by Kanye “Ye” West.

On Friday, the comedian launched his back-to-back “Pete Davidson and Best Friends” gigs in Los Angeles by noting what a strange year he’d had so far. Joking that it started with an AIDS scare.

What had Ye said about him

West was accused earlier this year of spreading a story that Davidson was suffering from the disease. After Davidson began dating West’s ex-wife Kim Kardashian. The rapper publicly criticized him on Instagram and mentioned him in his song Eazy. In the video for the song, West decapitates a claymation version of Davidson.


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Pete made jokes about the rappers’ comments

After West’s claim, Davidson joked that he went to the doctor to get checked for AIDS because he was “a genius,” but was informed he didn’t have it, only that he looked like he had. Throughout the set, he made several more nods to West’s comments, including saying that none of his friends or fellow comedians knew how to help him deal with the attacks and just wished him luck.


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He then remembered going to a basketball game with Chris Rock and Jon Stewart in December 2021, and how much had changed since then. He taunted, “Chris got slapped, I got decapitated,” and warned Stewart to keep an eye on him.

What do you think of Petes’ response to Kanye at the Netflix festival? Was it justified or not? Let us know your answer in the comments below.



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