Ozark Stark Jason Bateman Likes “having the choice” Despite This “bummer” About Streaming

Published 04/29/2022, 3:15 PM EDT

Online streaming of TV shows and movies and revolutionized the way we watch content. It has never happened before in history that the world’s whole population has numerous hours’ worth of content at the disposal of their fingers. However, many critiques have also mentioned the cons of having such an elaborate choice for viewers. But looks like Jason Bateman of Ozark season 4 part 2 likes this format of watching stories.

The actor had a few words to say about the streaming experience.

Jason Bateman on the binge-watching experience


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Ozark season 4 part 2 is streaming on Netflix. And the best part of the final episodes is that all the remaining episodes are streaming together. Speaking of episode streaming and binge-watching, many people all around the world love this format of watching shows altogether. But there is a downfall to it.

While talking about how easy and convenient streamers like Netflix has made the content watching experience, Bateman pointed out how no one can talk about shows without spoiling them anymore. Bateman also explained how SNL did a sketch about the very issue.


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But while talking about his personal choices, Jason said that no matter the “bummer,” he likes to have the option of streaming the episodes all at once.

He says, “I like having the choice of being able to watch them all at once.” So the reason we have all the Ozark episodes ready to be streamed is probably that Jason likes to stream them.

Symbols in Ozark

All those who have been watching the hit crime-drama series know that each episode starts with certain symbols instead of plain old credits.


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Bateman himself explained the reason. Bateman has served as the director of Ozark on multiple episodes, so he always had a say in the creative decisions of the series.

So while talking about the symbols, Jason explained how he did not want simple credits rolling, but Netflix disagreed with him, asking him to include the show’s name

So Jason collaborated with a graphic designer to include symbols inside the OZARK title at the beginning of each episode. And these symbols represented something crucial from the respective episode.


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Have you been able to decode any of these symbols? Let us know in the comments below.

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