Netflix’s Psychological Thriller Hypnotic Trailer Reminds of Inception: Everything We Know So Far

Published 10/08/2021, 9:45 AM EDT

A middle-aged hypnotherapist can make one hallucinate, incepting ideas that weren’t there. His patients cum victims cannot tell reality apart from dreams and visions. A woman taking therapy sessions from him discovers deadly consequences. The visual spectacles in its trailer absolutely blew our minds.

This is how we can describe Hypnotic, a Netflix Original awaiting its release at the end of this Halloween month. But if your mind went back to Inception, you aren’t alone.


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Hypnotic on Netflix, the perfect Halloween night movie

Staying true to the spirit of Halloween, Netflix is releasing another psychological horror film right in this month. Starring Kate Seigel, Hypnotic is about the struggling Jenn seeking self-improvement. Unable to cope with her career and personal life because of anxiety, Jenn turns to psychotherapy. The charming Dr. Meade lends her a helping hand. Unfortunately, Jenn is horrified to discover that his “hypnotherapy” has devastating and deadly effects on her life.

The trailer is receiving positive feedback, and fans of the genre are excited about the film. Actress Kate Seigel has particularly caught viewers’ eyes. This is another horror project from her after Midnight Mass, and it is a bonus for the fans.

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However, Seigel isn’t the only striking component of the movie. A slight thematic similarity to Christopher Nolan‘s Inception, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, was interesting to notice.

Is Hypnotic Really Similar to Inception?

Inception is about Dom Cobb, played by DiCaprio. Cobb has the rare talent of effectively using a machine to control people’s dreams. It is a talent that he uses to make money in the lucrative world of corporate espionage. However, his very illegal profession tears him apart from his family. Hence, Cobb takes up a final, dangerous task against a powerful enemy in order to redeem himself and get back home.


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The idea of inception in both films is analogous, though differing in the method. While the themes of the movies are similar, the characters and plotlines are inherently different. The similarities could be ignored, owing to the similar genre. That is only until Meade says the words “An idea, planted into a mind, can blossom into a whole new reality.” in the Hypnotic trailer. This immediately reminds us of Cobb‘s last task, in which he has to “plant an idea” into someone’s head.

Apart from this, the movies also have distinctive visual effects in common. Here’s a scene from Inception which can be drawn to the Hypnotic trailer.


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With Netflix releasing Hypnotic on the 27th of October, the film surely is highly anticipated. How excited are you about this release on the verge of the spooky season? Does the Inception connect make you want to watch this film?


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