Your Guide To ‘Me Time’ on Netflix – Cast, Trailer, Synopsis, and Why It’s Trending

Published 02/14/2022, 10:00 AM EST

Ever since the Covid-19 Pandemic hit our world; we have got so much of family time, that sometimes we long for “me time”. Having some time away from all the responsibilities to enjoy ourselves is what we long for every now and then. Seemingly, Kevin Hart’s character in Me Time on Netflix is lucky enough.

If you are having a bad day, the streaming giant is always a savior. From rom-com to sitcoms, it has everything you ask for! And Me Time is no less. Here we have covered everything we know so far about the film. Starting with the most obvious question:

What is the movie about?


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Me Time is in the mood to give you some loud guffaw. Apparently, it revolves around the character of Kevin Hart, a stay-at-home father. Throughout his life, this man looks after his home, children, and wife. Now as his family is away, he finally gets some time for himself and connects with an old friend.

Over the weekend, both the friends have wild adventures that turn his life upside down. Further, we also have our own share of hilarious and peachy moments. But what exactly are they up to in this rollercoaster ride? Well, you can only find it out by streaming the movie on Netflix as soon as it hits the platform.

Who is in Me Time on Netflix?

Given the fact that the comedy is part of Netflix’s 2022 slate movies; it has some spectacular A-list stars. Starting with our beloved comedian Kevin Hart who will helm his own script. He will play the lead character, Sonny, the father. Joining him as his best friend is none other than Marky Mark, or Mark Wahlberg. He is known for his work in Transformers and The Planet Of The Apes.

Further, the movie will be produced by HartBeat production, a company owned by Kevin Hart. John Hamburg is the director. Moreover, Bryan Smiley has also joined two of them for the production of the film.


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Me Time: Release date


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Reportedly, the filming of this comedy flick started back in August 2021 and was to conclude in October 2021. However, one of the crew members suffered severe injury during the shoot, as reported by Deadline. This may have caused a little delay in the production.

Thankfully, showing major recovery, the show is finally set to hit our screen anytime in the spring of 2022.


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Having shared the list of striking cast and extravaganza of Me Time‘s plot; there’s no need to put light on why the film has caught the attention of many. So, clear your schedule as two of the best stars will come together for the first time in this Original, to give us some real entertainment.

Also, let us know in the comment section if you are already excited to have some Me Time on Netflix with our beloved heroes.



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