Where Is the Love Is Blind Season 2 Cast Right Now?

Published 02/14/2022, 2:00 PM EST

The first time we ever saw Love is Blind was back in 2020, long before the concept of dating someone without having seen them was something normal. The March of 2020 changed this as the world went into social isolation and quarantine. Hence, when Netflix released season 2 of this series after almost two years, fans were bound to eat it up as soon as it was out. The finale left us with many questions, one of which is the current whereabouts of the cast. Here’s what the cast of Love is Blind season 2 is up to now:




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This 33-year-old who goes by “Shake” describes himself as a “veterinarian helping humans achieve self-love and success through guidance, healing, and accountability“. During Love is Blind season 2, the man fell in love with fellow cast member Deepti and the two seem to be going strong.



If Rudy Francisco was to describe their relationship, he’d say Danielle and Nick might have fallen in love the way one learns how to ride a bike—scared but reckless. Danielle and her partner were the first out of the cast of Love is Blind season 2 to fall in love. Whether or not they will last is something we haven’t yet discovered, though.


After meeting Shake, this data analyst discovered quite a bit about herself. Turns out, she is open to dating people who don’t fit into the qualifications of what she thought her “type” was.



Although this program coordinator faced quite some problems with Jarette and the complicated feelings he has for Mallory, Iyanna seems to be in a stable relationship with him. But will it stay the same? Only time will tell.



This 32-year-old is quite a multi-talented person. He works as a barber, sneaker dealer, investor, and podcast host, according to his Instagram bio.



This 29-year-old glazier is giving us major déjà vu. What Mark and Jessica were to the cast of Love is Blind season 1, Kyle and Shaina are to that of season 1.



This “musically inclined” 31-year-old is who Mallory chose when she couldn’t make it work between Jarette and her. The road seems quite bumpy for Jarette in the future.



Mallory’s parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary last year, according to her Instagram. Their lasting marriage has evidently had quite the effect on this hopeless romantic. Hopefully, she will find a way out of the love triangle very soon.



Green flag: someone who has a sweet dog. To no one’s surprise, Shayne’s Instagram boasts an adorable dog with who he seems to spend a lot of time. While he hasn’t had any drama involving others in his relationship, he and Natalie could definitely do better.



Natalie is a 29-year-old consulting manager who claims that “all bad jokes and awkward comments are (hers)”. Again, her relationship with Shayne isn’t the ideal one, but it definitely has potential. Will the two end up together? There is a high possibility of the same, but we can’t say for sure yet.



If her gorgeous locks didn’t give it away, Shaina is a freelance hairstylist. Her journey through Love is Blind season 2 and relationship with, erm, the cast members is quite the material for a teenage rom-com series.


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Unlike most of the cast of Love is Blind season 2, Nick seems very sure of his feelings. He claims to be a “kind of a neat freak“, which explains his rather clean slate on the sets of the Netflix series.




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This 36-year-old might work as an insurance broker, but he is all about fitness, as his Instagram suggests. While Brandon has found no one he clicks with, yet, he might just do in the coming episodes of the Netflix Original.

This is all we know of the cast of Love is Blind season 2 and how they’re doing currently. Until we know more, keep streaming the series, only on Netflix!



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