Top 5 Movies Like Bruised on Netflix

Published 02/07/2022, 3:30 PM EST

Halle Berry, returning to the big screen, was a big surprise which fans weren’t ready for. It wasn’t just the acting that Halle Berry aced, as even her directorial vision for the movie was impressive, considering it was her debut directorial. However, the movie ended up creating one minor headache for the viewers. Are there movies like Bruised on Netflix?

To answer your question, we have made a list of badass fighting/boxing movies that will satisfy your soul that’s craving for Halle Berry acting-directorial combo. So keep reading to get more montages where the protagonist becomes badass and wins matches.



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A film based on Muhammad Ali, who brought prestige and fame to boxing, is a 2001 movie starring Will Smith. Michael Mann has directed the autobiographical drama, which showed the boxer’s ups and downs through 10 years.

Will Smith played the role to such perfection that he bagged an Academy Award nomination for best actor in a leading role. You will find a resemblance between Halle Berry’s Bruised and Ali as both explore the drama side of an athlete.

Here Comes the Boom

We have added a comedy to counter the seriousness of Bruised and this list. Here Comes the Boom follows Kevin James as “Scott Voss”, a biology teacher at school forced to work as an MMA fighter.

This is no Fight Club type of story, as the teacher needs extra cash to save the extracurricular activities program. Kevin James and Salma Hayek reunite in this feel-good movie after the Grown Ups franchise.


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Through My Father’s Eyes: The Ronda Rousey Story

Back to the real world literally, as this is a documentary about Ronda Rousey, a UFC fighter. The story follows Ronda’s journey from winning an Olympic bronze medal in Judo to becoming a UFC Hall of Fame fighter.


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If you were searching for a real-life Jackie Justice, look no further as Ronda has almost all the qualities. If you want to get started with UFC, what better way than with some context about the sport and its players. Stream it on Netflix right away.



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This 2017 documentary focuses on three different boxers at different levels of their career, trying to achieve their dreams. One is a professional, the other is an amateur, and the third is a future prospect. A story about grit, motivation, and dedication is bound to inspire you. Who knows, you might even hit the gym tomorrow or stop procrastinating.

With Halle Berry’s next project to hit Netflix soon, Brusied most certainly in your re-watch list. While at it, be sure to check these four films and let us know in the comments below which of these was your favorite.



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