Netflix picks up the upcoming Millie Bobby Brown film

Published 03/21/2021, 1:18 PM EDT

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Stranger Things young actress Millie Bobby Brown, the film titled The Thing About Jellyfish is reportedly picked up by Netflix.

Netflix is looking for ways to lengthen and expand its relationship with famous young actress Millie Bobby Brown, who is most prominently known for her amazing work in Stranger Things. The streaming platform earlier signed a new contract with the young actress, leading to a possible Stranger Things spinoff. Now, Netflix has reportedly picked up a new movie starring Millie Bobby Brown, which is a work-in-progress already. The movie is The Thing About Jellyfish, which has been in development at Universal since 2015. It will release as a Netflix original work now.

Directed by Kenyan director Wanuri Kahiu, known for her work on Rafiki, which is the first LGBTQ+ movie of Kenya, The Thing About Jellyfish will have its script written by Molly Smith Metzler. Metzler previously worked on ‘Shameless’ and ‘Orange Is The New Black. The movie is produced by Reese Witherspoon and Bruna Papandrea.


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via Imago

Millie Bobby Brown will be playing the girl named Suzy who loses her best friend. Suzy is a young, dorky, and smart girl who starts to keeps to herself after her best friend’s death. It seems Brown is the perfect choice for this kind of character, though we doubt there’s something that she cannot pull off.

‘The Thing About Jellyfish’ is an adaptation from Ali Benjamin’s 2015 novel of the same name. As we mentioned earlier, it tells of the story of a young girl who loses her best friend in a rather bizarre incident. That young girl is Suzy (Millie Bobby Brown), who then tries to figure out how she lost her best friend by withdrawing into solitude, and think about it.

There is not a release date on the horizon for the new film of Millie Bobby Brown. We do not even know the other cast members of the movie, so it does not seem likely that we hear about this movie soon. However, we’ll be sure to update you when anything important happens.



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