Which Song Will Save Vecna From Vecna? Jamie Campbell Reveals Two Savior Songs to Pull Him Out of Stranger Things’ Upside Down

Published 06/07/2022, 10:30 PM EDT

Almost everyone who has seen Stranger Things season four knows precisely which song would save them from the show’s horrific new monster. Even Jamie Campbell Bower, who plays the demon king of the Upside Down on Netflix’s blockbuster hit sci-fi series Stranger Things, revealed which song would shield him from his own persona in a new interview.

So let us find out which song the big baddie, Vecna chooses.

Jamie Campbell reveals his rescue song


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The British actor is getting immense love and support from Stranger Things fans for his portrayal of the most horrifying villain of the show.

However, even the monster himself must have a song that shall come to his rescue. So while attending the MTV Movie & TV Awards on Sunday (June 5), the Harry Potter alumnus was asked which song would save him from Vecna’s curse.

And where others like Noah Schnapp had only one song, the 33-year-old actor had two, depending on his mood.


The actor coincidentally nominated Placebo covered Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush if he is in a normal mood. For those who do not know, Running Up That Hill is also the song Max listens to escape the trance of the monster.

In fact, after the use of the song in the show. Running Up That Hill received incredible praise and love from the fans. And for his second choice, the actor said, “If I’m being cheeky and fun, it would be Miley Cyrus ‘Party In The USA.‘”


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Adding to his second choice, Jamie Campbell mentioned how people who have known him for a long time would understand his love for the 2009 song.

The actor then went on to say how he is very happy with his choices. And finds both of the songs extremely beautiful. He said, “So I would do that, both of them together – beautiful.”


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Ever since the blockbuster release of season four, everyone is appreciating the Dear Billy climax scene. And a hot topic among fans has been the song that shall save them from the curse.

Which song will save you from the Vecna’s curse?



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