Reviews Out: Blue-Collar Jamie Foxx Hunts Vampires In Netflix Horror-Comedy, ‘Day Shift’

Published 08/13/2022, 8:30 PM EDT

Netflix recently has been criticized for being a little more about ‘movies by algorithm’. Its Originals have become a standard for its users. Every time a new original movie comes, it is all people talk about. Talking about Netflix Originals, there is a new movie out, and it is called Day Shift. The movie just came out and now everyone wants to know how it is. Fortunately, the reviews are out. Now, let us find out whether these reviews are good or bad, or maybe mixed.

Day Shift Netflix: A humorous yet heartwarming movie

The cast is amazing. We have Jamie Foxx, Snoop Dogg, Dave Franco, and many other world-acclaimed actors. The movie features Vampire hunting. So, you can expect a lot of bloodshed in the Netflix film. If you are someone who does not get triggered by blood and action, this movie is for you.


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Talking deeper about the plot, the movie is about Bud (Jamie Foxx). He gets back into his work where he killed demons to maintain his Blue-collar job status and meet the requirements of his daughter’s education. He does hard work, labor, and sweat just for his daughter. Here, we see and feel the connection he has with his daughter. For a job, he asks a friend, and with the help of Big John (Snoop Dogg alert!), he gets into vampire hunting.


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From here, we see Snoop Dogg’s amazing skills as an actor too. In the adventure of Bud’s blue-collar job, he gets a partner known as Seth (Dave Franco). This is where the movie begins to get interesting.

Critic reviews for the movie are out

Day Shift got a 6.8/10 rating on IMDb, while Rotten Tomatoes scored the movie with 56%. The consensus on the movie is that it is breezy, goofy, and a light-hearted entertainer that is highly predictable. New York Times in its review of the film calls it “Frenzied and goofily good-natured,” while The Hollywood Reporter calls it a “Late-summer diversion,” noting how relationships in the movie “some heft and momentum.”

Some critics also think the movie joins the league of uninspired Netflix Originals. “Aside from a handful of twists in the final act, there’s nothing in “Day Shift” that you can’t see coming long before it shows up onscreen,” wrote Roger Ebert in the review. Meanwhile, First Post’s review read, If Netflix intended Day Shift to be a franchise starter by any chance, such uninspired choices pretty much put a stake through its future.”

What do the fans think of the movie?

From what we see on social media, fans have been really happy with Day Shift. Fans enjoyed the acting and chemistry the actors shared. It is a fun-loving movie with a hint of seriousness in it.


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The movie knows how to shed light on serious matters by making them look casual (street-style, if you talk in Snoop Dogg’s language). Apart from this, the presence of Seth‘s humor pours diamonds into the movie, according to the fans. The audience says the movie attracted them because of its cast and the way they handled serious situations.

Based on the critic and fan reviews, are you watching this movie this weekend? Comment down below. If you want to watch the movie, it is streaming on Netflix now!



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