How Many John Constantine References Did You Pick Up in ‘The Sandman’? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Published 08/08/2022, 4:00 PM EDT

The third episode of Netflix’s The Sandman season 1, Dream a Little Dream of Me, has several references to John Constantine and his Hellblazer comic book. This is unsurprising given that the episode is a faithful adaptation of The Sandman #3, also titled Dream a Little Dream of Me, which paired the infamous working-class warlock with Lord Morpheus, Dream of the Endless. What is remarkable, though, is the number of Easter eggs in the Netflix series about Constantine’s solo travels that were not there in the original Sandman plot.

All John Constantine references in The Sandman

The incident at Newcastle


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The nightmare scenario that begins Dream a Little Dream of Me is a near-exact recreation of the Newcastle Incident. This was the case that sent a young John Constantine on the path to Hell when he bungled an exorcism while attempting to evict a demon called by an even more novice magician. The only significant difference in this scene is that John Constantine worked with a crew, whereas Johanna Constantine works alone.

Casanova Club

The first scene of Johanna Constantine’s nightmare sees her pulling up to the Casanova Club. In the comics, this was the name of the club where the Newcastle Incident occurred. Alex Logue, the club’s owner, also appears in the episode.


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Call out to John Constantine’s band from comics

John Constantine was a member of the punk band Mucous Membrane before becoming a supernatural investigator. One of the posters of the Casanova Club mentions the band. However, the name is misspelled Muchas Membrane. This might be a reference to other bands with purposefully misspelled names, such as Megadeth or Def Leppard.

The girl named Astra Logue


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After the Newcastle Incident, John Constantine spent several years in an institution, haunted by recurring visions of a girl called Astra Logue being taken through a gateway into Hell and being left holding her severed limb. In Netflix’s The Sandman, Johanna Constantine has the same nightmare, and Morpheus verifies that her nightmare is not a work of fiction but an actual recollection of Johanna’s past. In the pages of Hellblazer, John was finally able to rescue Astra from Hell.

Rick The Vic


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Rick the Vic was an Anglican priest who appeared in Hellblazer #60 as part of a group of pals gathered for John’s 40th birthday celebration. Just like John’s penchant for blasphemy and magic, Ric also once performed a Black Mass/Sunday Church Service in order to win a bet with the Pope. The Sandman on Netflix introduces its own Rick the Vic, who is a lady and reportedly an occasional lover of Johanna Constantine.

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