First Metallica and Now Professional Earthwork Artist Stan Herd, Eddie Munson Immortalized in the Most Heartful Ways

Published 07/14/2022, 6:00 PM EDT

It has been almost two weeks since we lost one of the most honorable heroes onscreen, Eddie Munson. Eddie’s sacrifice will not be monumental to the story of Stranger Things. But it shall go down in history as the greatest sacrifice by a character in any tv show. Fans have shown immense love to Eddie for what he did in the show.

Let us take a look at some of the amazing ways through which fans and celebrities have honored the hero who did not run away.

Artworks to musical tributes fans pay tributes to Eddie Munson


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As soon as people witnessed what Eddie did for the Hawkins gang, they immediately went on to Twitter to pour in love for the character. And now that two weeks have passed, their way of showing appreciation has grown in magnitude.

Stan Herd, a professional earthwork artist, has created a monument to the late, great Eddie Munson (Joe Quinn) near Hawkins, Indiana. He created a massive work of art (that covers about an acre!) totally out of natural materials.

Eddie’s prairie grass invention is based on a moment from Episode 1 of Season 4, in which he hops upon a table in the Hawkins High cafeteria and gives a speech condemning “forced conformity” in defense of his love of Dungeons & Dragons.

In the artwork and the scene, Eddie forms devil horns with his ring-strewn fingers, pushing his tongue out in an incredibly metal manner. Herd’s Eddie Munson 4 Ever homage was inspired by that outstanding act.


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This mesmerizingly huge artwork is just one of the many tributes to Eddie.

Metallica dedicated a song to him

The original Metallica group, whose song Master Of Puppets was used in the iconic guitar solo scene, also paid tribute to the martyred hero by recreating the amazing song and dedicating it to him.

Apart from this, many fans have also tweeted their appreciation for the hero with either beautiful art concepts of Eddie or multiple edits.


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