5 Stranger Things Season 5 Theories That Will Flip Your Mind Upside Down

Published 07/02/2022, 3:00 PM EDT

The current season of Stranger Things has blown everyone’s mind. So many things took place in the nine-episode season that it would be impossible to cover everything. But since the wait, till the fifth season is long, all we can do right now is just predict what can happen. And as soon as loyal fans of the show completed its fourth season, they started forming theories. Now many Stranger Things season 5 theories are far-fetched; however, some are really accurate, and some are great fun.

But they are scattered all over the internet, and that is where we come in. We have done all your hard work and cherry-picked five of the greatest theories for Stranger Things 5 that are most likely to happen.

Best Stranger Things season 5 theories


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Theories and speculation have always been a huge part of the Netflix original. Fans have become so amazing at coming up with predictions that even show creators were impressed by some.

And within just 24 hours, we have some truly great theories for the show’s fifth and final season. Some of them are.

Eddie still has a role to play

On Stranger Things, being dead doesn’t mean you’re gone forever. Ask Billy, who died as a hero in Season 3 only to return to torment Max in Season 4.

Given that Dustin was with Eddie when he died and was unable to save him. Eddie’s body was never returned to the Right-Side-Up, it seems entirely reasonable that Eddie, or a Vecna-reanimation of Eddie, could be used to torment Dustin and other Hellfire Club members because they were unable to save their Dungeon Master.

Max will receive powers

Because two extremely powerful psychics occupied Max’s mind before she went unconscious, she will not be the same Max she was before she went unconscious.

It is still unknown if the spark Eleven gave Max to restore her heart will also offer Max the ability to break free from whatever mental prison she is in or whether Vecna still has control over her. Max is as close to Eleven as Will is. And once Vecna gets her under his influence, he’ll have no trouble tearing the gang apart. She could get Eleven-like abilities after all.


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A portion of the Mindflayer remains in Russia

The Season 4 finale confirmed that the whirling particles discovered in the Russian jail were Mindflayer particles/guts. When Joyce, Hopper, and company went to the jail at the conclusion of the finale to destroy the particles and demogorgons in order to give the kids a leg up in the Upside Down, everything had escaped.

Murray was seen filleting the demogorgons. However, the Mindflayer particles are still absent.

Since Eleven closed the portal between Hawkins and Russia at the conclusion of Season 3, the spinning particles would have a long voyage back to the states to rejoin Vecna and the rest of their offspring.

Murray also did not return to the United States. Murray might have been dropped off at his bunker as the first stop in the secret government agency carpool before Joyce and Hopper were brought to see the kids.

He might, however, have stayed behind with Yuri and Enzo to find and destroy the particles. If they are successful, it may give the Hawkins team the advantage they need to finally defeat Vecna.

Vecna’s next victims can be Dustin

In Season 4, Vecna went after youths who had shame issues, many of whom felt responsible for the deaths of individuals close to them. Dustin wasn’t able to save Eddie from the bats in time.

When it came to the grisly teen killings in town, the gang was likewise unable to cleanse Eddie’s identity. Dustin is an obvious and sad target, especially if he wants to retaliate against Eleven for delaying his world dominance.

Will is going to be the primary focus of Stranger Things season 5

Will indicated that his link to the Upside Down had not been totally broken after returning to Hawkins. He could sense the Overlord’s thoughts and proved Nancy’s shotgun blasts hadn’t killed the creature.


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More significantly, Will understood that the Upside Down was becoming the formal center of Hawkins long before Eleven did.

If he and Vecna maintain their psychic link, he would be a simple vehicle for Vecna to utilize to get around Hawkins and torment Eleven while Vecna heals from his last blow.


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Which Stranger Things season 5 theory is your favorite? Let us know your answer in the comments below.




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