3 Times Steve Harrington was the King of the Babbysitters on ‘Stranger Things’

Published 04/25/2022, 1:35 PM EDT

Stranger Things has a lot of great characters that we all love. They all are lovable and relatable in their own way. But the most surprising character that we all love to bits now is Steve. However, Steve Harrington was not the iconic hero he is today when Stranger Things first started. But since the show’s season two, we all can’t help but admire his character arc.

So, to mark the birthday of Joe Keery, who plays Steve on the show, Netflix tweeted calling him “king of the babysitters.”


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And we so agree with the title. So, to celebrate the actor’s birthday, we compiled the moments where Steve Harrington was indeed the best babysitter there is.

Times when Steve Harrington was king of babysitters in Stranger Things

Steve protected the kids from Billy

We all know Steve is not a fantastic fighter, but hey, his parental instincts kicked in when Billy bullied Max and Lucas at the Byers house. Even though Steve didn’t truly win the battle with Billy and Max put a stop to the fight, the scene did earn him a golden star for his babysitting skills.

Steve fights the Demigorgans

In season one, Steve, Nancy, and Jonathan’s battle with the Demigorgon was epic. His baseball bat with nails makes a comeback in season 2 when he is once again babysitting the kids. This time, however, he teamed up with Dustin and gang to lure Dart, the Demigorgan Dustin unknowingly kept as a pet. When meat pieces didn’t work, he chose to go out there instead of letting any of the kids go out. Later, he put their safety first when the Demigorgans attacked the bus all of them were hiding in.

Keeping the children safe


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Steve always attempts to put his foot down and try his best to keep the kids safe. Since he’s in charge of their safety, he always makes sure that their safety is his number one priority no matter what is happening. He speaks to the youngsters in a tone that’s like a father scolding their child.

Finally, we all know how great Steve is with the kids, and he is the perfect example of a babysitter: Someone who genuinely cares for the kids.


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Since he is set to return with the rest of the cast in the Stranger Things season 4 volume one streaming from May 27th. We can surely expect more of the babysitting scenes by King Steve himself.

Meanwhile, let us know of scenes of times when Steve truly retained the title of king of babysitters, according to you. Share your thoughts with us in the comments.



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