You Might Need to Check The Sandman TV Rating Before You Enjoy the Series

Published 02/05/2022, 3:15 PM EST

DC Comics will finally have a new Netflix Original series in 2022 when The Sandman premieres. Neil Gaiman’s comic followed a waiting period of at least 30 years before Netflix gave it an 11-episode deal. But, the series keeps running into troubles. Now The Sandman has a TV rating, which won’t make it accessible to all age groups.

Although this trouble isn’t way too serious, it denies Netflix a wider audience. But the reasons also justify the new TV rating for The Sandman. Let us look at the reasons so that you can make your judgment.

Why The Sandman has a new TV rating?


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DC usually makes dark films/series, and we aren’t talking about the lighting, although fans consider that as a problem. While a Marvel movie/series resembles fun, DC reflects reality, which is serious. Thus, the two superhero universes bring different perspectives. But more often than not, DC has suffered from the dark setting.

The Sandman has been rated as TV-MA, which means children below 17 years aren’t suitable for viewing. Violence, sex, and language in the series have provided this new distinction to the series. Netflix will have to endure the low viewership, but it will hope that the adult audience favors the series.

The Sandman characters

The comics, which have a huge fan following, inspired the British series, and its first season will adapt Preludes & Nocturnes. The characters in the comic also don’t sound friendly considering there is Death. Kirby Powell-Baptiste plays Death, who is the elder sister of Dream. Death is one of the most formidable members of Endless, but she is also gentle and practical in her approach.

Mason Alexander Park portrays Desire, the twin of Despair and the third youngest of The Endless. Desire mixes seamlessly with every setting it finds itself in, but it is also the problem child. Desire and Dream don’t get along.

Tom Sturridge plays Dream, Lord of the Dreaming, and is the third eldest in the Endless. He has various names in the comic, like Morpheus, Sandman, Oneiros, and Kai’ckul. Dream wears a helmet crafted from the skull and backbone of an enemy deity he defeated in battle.


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Gwendoline Christie is the new Lucifer on Netflix or the Ruler of Hell. Fans lost their minds when Netflix announced Gwendoline as Lucifer. Game of Thrones fans remember Gwendoline as Brienne of Tarth, and now she has bagged another iconic role. Time will tell if Gwendoline surpasses or matches Tom Ellis as Lucifer.


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