Will Smith and Chris Rock Controversy Becomes a Meme Fest for Netizens – Check the Best Ones Here

Published 03/28/2022, 6:06 AM EDT

Like Chris Rock, the world was left in shock after the now Academy Award winner Will Smith got up to slap him. And as soon as the sound of the slap started to fade away, we all, just like Chris, decided that the show must go on. Now we cannot present an award as Chris did for the Best Documentary. But people did what they do best: Make hilarious memes out of any happening. So here are the funniest memes on the internet on the infamous slap at the 94th Academy Awards.

The funniest Will Smith and Chris Rock memes

The internet was quick to respond after the incident settled. Soon enough, memes started gushing in. So, here are some of our favorites memes:


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This Spiderman: No Way Home reference was spot on!


Well, who can deny that Will Smith did laugh for a while?

When you put it like that….are we sure it wasn’t staged?

The accuracy here is astonishing!

Things would’ve gone down very different if it was The “Rock.”


Lupita is us, Period.

Monday memes are a must.


How can the anime lovers not have a piece of THIS cake?

Was Will justified?

Now, this is a really subjective question to be asked to anybody. Many feel that what Chris Rock did was very brave. After being slapped on live television, the way he continued is getting immense praise.

While some say that even though hitting is wrong, Will had his reasons, and that Jada’s disease is personal to her. And that joke was certainly not well-thought-out.

All have their opinion on the matter, but a particular Twitter user feels that Will had no other choice.


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@_ja_s_on_ posted a short clip of Chris’ 2016 Oscar hosting monologue in reference to his comment. To brush up on your memory, in 2016, Jada had released an open statement saying she would not be attending the Oscars.

The reason for not attending the ceremony was the lack of diversity. “Is it time that people of color recognize how much power, influence, that we have amassed, that we no longer need to ask to be invited anywhere?” the actress said.


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And in that year’s Oscars, Chris joked about Jada boycotting the ceremony and said that it is not about boycotting anything but getting equal opportunities.

So we leave it up to you. Let us know your opinion about the incident and who you think was right.



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