Will Henry Cavill Feature in ‘The Witcher’s’ Rats Prequel? Here’s What All We Know

Published 02/15/2023, 5:00 AM EST

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Henry Cavill was instrumental in driving The Witcher to the top 10 list on Netflix. Known for his love for the original books on which the show is based, he embodied Geralt of Rivia perfectly, for he was well acquainted with materials. Fans rejoiced when he struck a seven-season deal with the streamer. But the bliss could not last long for the fans as the star abruptly announced his exit from the show last year.

Netflix, not willing to call quits on one of its IPs, replaced Cavill with Liam Hemsworth. And also attempted a prequel The Witcher: Blood Origin starring Michelle Yeoh. The show tanked. Now, with reports of another prequel in the works, will Netflix realize its mistake and bring back the Brit? 

What are the chances of Henry Cavill appearing in the spin-off?


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There were rumors about a spin-off last year in November. And now Redanian Intelligence has confirmed that a prequel involving the rats is indeed taking place, called Riff Raff. The pre-production of the series is underway in Cape Town, South Africa, with Haily Hall as the showrunner. However, we do not think Henry Cavill will make an appearance in the spin-off. 


Mainly because it’s a prequel dealing with events before The Witcher. It will revolve around the six rats before they met Ciri. The rats plan the biggest heist and face off against the dangerous crime syndicate in their kingdom. And Cavill’s Geralt does not fit into the narrative. Secondly, Cavill dropped out of the project over creative differences. 

The British actor was mocked for wanting to stay faithful to Andrzej Sapkowski’s books. Apparently, the showrunners were not a fan of the original and wanted to stray further from the original narrative. 


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When will the Rats spin-off release? 

The filming of the show will take place from April to September 2023. The cast is not confirmed yet. While we already know the four rats, as they will appear at the end of season 3, Asse and Giselher have not been cast yet. So for now, we have Christelle Elwin as Mistle, Juliette Alexandra as Reef, Fabian McCallum as Kayleigh, and Aggy K. Adams as Iskra. 


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Apart from the bare minimum synopsis, the plot is under wraps. The series will not hit the platform before 2024 and will probably have six to eight episodes. 

Do you want to see Cavill as Geralt in the spin-off? Let us know in the comments below.



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