Why Learning the Risks of “Trauma” Was a “Revelation” for Will Smith

Published 02/22/2023, 9:30 PM EST

In the wake of the Oscars controversy, many seemed to have forgotten the countless amazing performances that Will Smith has given to his fans. While no one can doubt his box office pull, the man had success playing real-life characters in serious dramas as well. Recently, he played Serena and Vienna Williams’ dad Richard Williams in King Richard. Prior to that, in 2015, the actor took on the difficult role of Doctor Bennet Omalu in Concussion.

While the actor is a football fan, he was quite ignorant about injuries and their long-term effects on the players. But while working on the project, he had an eye-opening experience

As a parent, the risk of repeated head trauma was a revelation for Will Smith 


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During the premiere of his movie, Concussion, the actor confessed that he was ignorant until he took up the film, talking to People in 2015. His oldest son, Trey, played football for years and as a parent, Will Smith was not aware of the risks that his son was subjecting himself to. His frequent conversation with Omalu to prepare for his role opened his eyes to the statistics behind the scenes.

Some of the best times I ever had with my oldest son were on that football field. It was such a revelation for me. I had no idea the potential issues of head trauma,” he said.

He learned the risks of repeated head traumas that could lead to chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). And as a parent, he felt it was his responsibility to bring the information out and spread awareness. 


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In the movie, the star played the famous neuropathologist who discovered CTE in the brains of the players, including Mike Webster. The Pittsburgh Steelers center approximately sustained 70,000 blows to his head throughout his illustrious career. Following the discovery, he tried to convince the authorities and the public of the risks involved. 


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Perhaps it was Smith’s dedication to the movie that made Omalu continue supporting the actor even after the slapgate last year.

Bennet Omalu offered his support to the actor following the Oscars Slapgate

It seems that Omalu continues to hold the actor in high regard despite his Oscars controversy. He has denied the claims that the actor sullied his reputation. Instead, he emphasized that he has a good character and is human and more authentic for showing off his emotions publicly. Richard Williams also echoed similar sentiments


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Williams and Omalu weren’t the only ones extending their support either, despite the outrage that followed Oscars 2022. Perhaps it is because of the support that Smith is slowly making his comeback, the first step of which was through his latest release, Emancipation.

Was Concussion a revelation for you too?



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