Why ‘Anonymously Yours’ On Netflix Is A Must-Watch For Romcoms Fans?

Published 01/30/2022, 2:00 PM EST

There was a time when we had a flood of rom-coms coming in every single month, but lately, there has been a scarcity of quality romantic comedies. I mean, sure, we do not have William Shakespeare living among us, but we deserve a few decent stories, don’t we? Seems like Netflix finally answered the call, and it has been trying to serve us with exactly what we need. ‘Anonymously Yours’ on Netflix is probably the movie you need to live your high school days once again and enjoy the beautiful genre of rom-coms.

Set at a Mexican high school, this Netflix Original movie revolved around the two major leads Vale and Álex. While on the surface, it may seem to be the same old plot; where two individuals fall in love with each other over anonymous letters (texts), but in real life, they fight like two cats in a cage. Anonymously Yours is indeed much different in the ways it brings back all those cliche tropes of teen romance to life in the modern time. Here are all the reasons you should binge this movie with your loved one as soon as possible.

Anonymous Pen Pals


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We all remember reading stories about two people who fell in love because they wrote anonymous letters to someone. Ernst Lubitsch’s The Shop Around the Corner might be the first-ever movie that showed us such a plot. While letters do have their own charm and beauty, we are very well aware of this generation’s obsession with technology; especially their mobile phones. Everything they do is on their phones; getting food, shopping, music, and even communicating.

Anonymously Yours on draws a beautiful parallel between the anonymous letter trope and the modern generation. Vale and Álex start talking to each other after a little misunderstanding when a girl gives Álex a fake phone number at a party. There is rapid energy between the two of them, even a sense of nervousness; which adds a little spice and excitement to the story.

Fighting Couples

It is no doubt that the chemistry between the couples is something that always has to be just right; the best way to depict chemistry between the two lovers is to make them quarrel as much as they connect. We see our leads literally despising each other in real life, while they are the cutest couple over texts. But we also see Vale and Álex come closer, as their detention period together ends. It is really cute to see everything play out in this manner.

Anonymously Yours on Netflix – Emotions in Letters or Texts

We all got to agree that it is much easier and soothing to write about your feelings than talk about them in real. Álex, as well as Vale, are both very open to each other over the messages they send to each other. They are honest with each other, at least more honest than they are with anyone in their lives. When both of them ask each other to tell a secret, they both type the same sentence: “I don’t know if I want the life I’m leading.”


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Outcasts and a new setting

We see that both of the leads are kind of distant from everything that is going on at their school. Vale is the nerd kid that keeps her distance from the world. Meanwhile, Álex is the new kid in town. Even the setting of the movie, which is a high school, adds a brilliant touch to the plot of the story. The dilemmas and hardships that come with teenage give us an opportunity to explore the tropes of romcoms through a whole different lens.


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While in today’s world, we live in a constant turmoil of social media and digital presence, Anonymously Yours gives us a perfect tale of romance that fits our world, and yet connects it with all the beauty of classic romantic tropes. So, get together with your inamorato and binge this Anonymously Yours on Netflix.




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