Who Was Ready for Marriage and Who Moved on in ‘The Ultimatum’? Find Out Which Couples Made It

Published 04/08/2022, 7:30 PM EDT

From the creators of Love is Blind came a couple of reality show, The Ultimatum. The Ultimatum gives the couple a decision to give an ultimatum to their partner: They can either marry or move on.

This show differs totally from Love is Blind, where six couples have given eight weeks to a “make up or break up”. In the eight episodes, six couples are on the verge of getting split up because of just one of them are just not ready to get married. Throughout the season, The Ultimatum couples are to decide if they will marry their partner or not.


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The result of the show will obviously created a lot of drama, emotion, and romance. So, we still don’t know which of the couples will restore their relationship. While we wait for the final reveal, let’s check out the status of the couples in The Ultimatum.

Alexis and Hunter

Alexis and Hunter were dating for two years. She is the one who gave The Ultimatum to his partner, as she declares him as the one. But Hunter is still in doubt about whether Alexis will be the perfect partner for her.

She has a high list of demands from her potential husband, which didn’t go unnoticed by the fans of the show. But living with other couples, Hunter realized his love and proposes to Alexis. She gladly accepted the proposal.

Lauren and Nathan

Nathan and Lauren have different perspectives on having kids and growing their families. During the show, a contestant, Colby picks up Lauren, which was too much for Nathan to bear. So, to save their relationship, Nathan proposes to Lauren, and she accepted it gladly.

We don’t know whether this couple will be happy in the future or not.

Jake and April

Jake and April have a very dis-balanced relationship, where Jake entered the show with a lot of good words in his mouth about his girlfriend. But unfortunately, he soon gets connected with another contestant, Rae. But after a lot of sweeping, the couple gives their relationship another chance in the second half of the show.

Colby and Madlyn

Colby and Madlyn have been in a relationship for two years. He has given her the ultimatum because he wants to get married. But, unfortunately, she kept questioning her relationship, even before entering the show.


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Randall and Shanique

Shanique has given an ultimatum to Randall because she wants to get married and have kids. But Randall claims he is not financially stable till now, so he didn’t propose. He wanted to get out of debt, while she wants a big wedding. Their perspective has an enormous difference, and on the last day, he still doesn’t know whether or not he wants to get married.


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Rae and Zay

Rae and Zay’s relationship is finally over. She has fallen for Jake, and Zay has gotten his way to Shanique. They had a major fight in the house and even got physical off-camera.


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Rae has moved her luggage outside of the apartment.

The Ultimatum is currently streaming on Netflix, with the season finale coming soon. What do you think will happen in the final episode of the season? Share your theories in the comments.



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