Who Plays Who: Meet the Cast and Characters of Human Resources, the Spinoff of Big Mouth

Published 03/20/2022, 5:30 PM EDT

If Jane Austen were alive today, she would say, “it is a truth universally acknowledged that a subscriber of Netflix in possession of good taste, must be in love with Big Mouth.” Except, this time, her sentence wouldn’t be said in sarcasm. Hence, ever since the spinoff series of the same appeared on Netflix, fans have been more excited than ever. But, is the cast we see in this spinoff called Human Resources the same as the original one from Big Mouth? Here’s all you need to know.

Real Life Cast of Human Resources

Nick Kroll (Maury the hormone monster)


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Co-creator of Big Mouth, Nick Kroll has brought back his genius humor in this Big-Mouth-meets-The-Office series. Kroll has worked in many comedy series, especially ones of his own, like The Kroll Show, The Oh, Hello Show, and The League. Despite his iconic career in the genre, his work as the co-creator and voice actor in Big Mouth is perhaps his biggest legacy.

Kroll joined the cast of Human Resources, voicing the character of Maurice. We have seen Maurice, or as he prefers to go by Maury, the hormone monster is Big Mouth as well. He embodies the mental state of teenage boys, from their sexual desires to their very unstable emotions. While his advice is generally inappropriate and frankly does the opposite of what it is supposed to, he does make sure he adds some fun to the lives of his clients and the viewers of the series.

Maya Rudolph (Connie)

Saturday Night Live cast member Maya Rudolph has made a comeback as Connie in Human Resources. The American actress has had quite a glorious career with appearances in films like 50 First Dates and Bridesmaids and Idiocracy. Rudolph isn’t a stranger to animated comedies either with roles in classics like Big Hero 6, Shrek The Third, and sci-fi animated film The Mitchells vs The Machines.

The fact that Maya Rudolph has won a Primetime Emmy Award for her voice acting as Connie in Big Mouth says more than enough just how well she fits this role. Connie is the female counterpart and on/off girlfriend of Maury. This hormone monstress is the definition of impulsive. With numerous incidents of young girls getting in trouble due to her advice, viewers collectively agree that this character is one of the best of the series.

David Thewlis (Shame Wizard Lionel)

There’s light and dark, there’s good and evil, there’s yin and yang, and there are The Hormone Monsters and The Shame Wizard. If his name doesn’t give away his role, then here’s a little summary: The Shame Monster goes around hunting children experiencing puberty and, well, shames them for thoughts and actions that are completely normal. He makes upset children feel worse, and that sums up this character pretty well.

Human Resources cast member is a critically acclaimed British actor. If his voice sounds eerily similar to a distant childhood memory, it probably reminds you of a certain fantasy movie character. Thewlis has played the role of Remus Lupin in the Harry Potter films.

Thandiwe Newton (Hormone Monstress Mona)

Playing the role of the badass hormone monster, Mona is actress Thandiwe Newton. Newton has worked in popular and acclaimed movies and shows like The Pursuit of Happiness and Westworld.

Keke Palmer (Rochelle the lovebug)

While Big Mouth doesn’t have Regina George, it does have Rochelle. This lovebug is known for stirring up drama and enjoying it in the backseat.

Keke Palmer is one of the most popular names in the list of Human Resources cast with titles like So Uncool, Scream Queens, Berlin Station, and her own talk show, Just Keke.

Pamela Adlon (Sonya the lovebug)

Pamela Adlon joined the cast of Human Resources as Sonya, the only lovebug that knows how to do her work.

With experience just as impressive as Sonya’s, Adlon has appeared in titles like King of the Hill, for which she has also earned an Emmy Award.

Brandon Kyle Goodman (Walter the lovebug)

Ah, the pain of unrequited love. Walter knows this malady better than any of us from his story in Big Mouth. While this might have turned him into a hate worm, things are looking different for him in the spin-off series.

Brandon Kyle Goodman, reprising his role from Big Mouth, has also been an active part of the show’s writing.

Maria Bamford (Tito the Anxiety Mosquito)

Yes, the infamous antagonist of season 4 of Big Mouth is making a comeback in Human Resources as well.

Maria Bamford, known for her dark sense of humor, is reprising this role. Bamford’s latest project is the Netflix Original series Lady Dynamite, based on her own life and struggles.


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Other Human Resources cast members

In addition to the aforementioned members, we will also be seeing the following actors join the cast of Human Resources.

  • Aidy Bryant (Emmy the lovebug
  • Randall Park (Pete)
  • Hugh Jackman (Angel Dante)
  • Lupita Nyong’o (Shame Wizard Asha)
  • Helen Mirren (Shame Wizard Rita)
  • Rosie Perez (Petra The Ambition Gremlin)
  • Henry Winkler (Keith)
  • Ali Wong (Becca)
  • Janelle Monáe (Doula Claudia)


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With a cast that ensures Human Resources is going to be just as good as, if not better than, Big Mouth, fans are as excited as they could be. Streaming on Netflix now!



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