Who Is Natalie Viscuso? Here is everything to know about Henry Cavill’s Girlfriend

Published 09/10/2022, 7:30 AM EDT

All you girls and boys (we believe in inclusivity here) that fantasize about Henry Cavill, should put a stop to all your fantasies. That man is in love and is off the dating market for quite a year now. The British tabloids not only keep a track of Henry Cavill and his upcoming projects but they are also very much interested in his girlfriend too. He had a long history of link-ups, but it seems that Brit has finally found the love of his life in Natalie Viscuso. 

You may not have gotten a whiff about it, because Superman in general is a private person. He has kept his love life very personal and rarely posts about himself and his girlfriend. But if your stalking abilities have failed you, no worries we have all the deets on her. Here’s everything that you need to know about the lucky girl that whisked Cavill off his feet. 


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Natalie Viscuso appeared in MTV’s My Super Sweet Sixteen 

Natalie is from New Mexico, but when she was 15 she relocated to California with her dad and her stepmom. She is a resident of California ever since. Her super lavish 16th birthday party was featured on season 1 of the MTV show back in 2005.

Yes, that very show featured wealthy teens throwing lavish birthday parties and living a crazy lifestyle.


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Back then MTV introduced her as the 15-year-old that lives in a $5 million dollar mansion and drives Bentleys and Ferraris. To say the least Henry Cavill got a super rich girlfriend! 

Natalie attended Southern California University 

She majored in Cinematic Arts from Southern California University in 2011. She was also featured on the dean’s list, and a member of the Sigma Alpha Lambda and Phi Sigma Theta societies in college.  

The current girlfriend of Henry Cavill is a Vice President in Hollywood 

She currently holds the Vice President position in Roy Lee’s Vertigo Entertainment. The company was behind Prime’s Them: Covenant. 


Prior to that, she was the Vice President of Legendary Entertainment which produced Zendaya starrer, Dune, Cavill’s Man of Steel, and Millie Bobby Brown‘s Enola Holmes

Natalie loves to spend her day out in the sun

The girl loves exploring and adventure. At least that is what her Instagram suggests.


She enjoys nature and soaking in the sun. Well, this doesn’t come as a surprise considering she’s currently dating one of the most popular action stars.

She has a dog named Meat 

Like Henry Cavill, his girlfriend also has a pet dog, Meat. Perhaps both of them bonded over their shared love for animals?


Cavill had recently shared about his love for his dog Kal on the sets of The Witcher

Viscuso lost her mother to cancer 

Natalie shares an uncanny resemblance with her mother and cherishes her mom.


Unfortunately, Viscuso lost her mom to cancer in 2017. 

Henry Cavill and his girlfriend, Natalie Viscuso romance timeline 

Daily Mail reported in 2021, that the two were spotted holding hands walking Kal in London. Soon after the two would declare their blossoming romance to the public. They both opted to share the same picture of them playing chess with a different caption on their Instagram. 



But Cavill fans were enraged at the news and attacked his new partner. Cavill, having had enough, in a long post publicly defended her and told the toxic fans to back off. 


They laid low until November 2021 when Henry did a cover shoot with The Hollywood Reporter. Viscuso posted the cover congratulating her love and gushing over the stunning cover. 


Once again Cavill gave us a hint that his love life was going pretty well in May 2022. As his fans rejoiced at him turning 39, he had a low-key celebration with Natalie. They cooked home-cooked meals for his birthday and they enjoyed them with some wine on the side.


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The very last update came at the end of May 2022. The two had apparently taken part in The Durrell Challenge and they shared their status. Both of them looked lovely as they posed for a selfie during a walk through the woods. 


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We only wish the couple luck! Are you happy that Superman has found some romance amidst all the speculations about his return to DC



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