Who Is Jennifer Saginor? Will ‘Secrets of Playboy’ Documentary Series Stream on Netflix?

Published 01/25/2022, 11:00 AM EST

Hugh Hefner’s empire The Playboy  received quite a lot of scrutiny through the documentary series Secrets of Playboy. The ten-episode show explores the dark side of Hefner and the Playboy Mansion. The show includes footage and exclusive interviews with the Director of Playmate Promotions, Miki Garcia, Bunny Mother, Hefner’s ex-girlfriends, butler, and bodyguard. The documentary series will give us an in-depth idea of how Hefner’s mansion operates.

Even Hefner’s former girlfriends Holly Madison, Sondra Theodore, and Bridget Marquardt will share their experience and their perspective on the show. In one of the interviews, Sondra Theodore says, “I saw clearly that we were nothing to him. He was like a vampire. He sucked the life out of all these young girls for decades.”


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However, there is one person at the center of Secrets of Playboy and that’s Jennifer Saginor, author of Playground: A Childhood Lost Inside the Playboy Mansion. After seeing Jennifer Saginor in the documentary, viewers are wondering, who this woman is. Furthermore, there’s also the question of whether we will see Jennifer Saginor on Netflix on this documentary. Let’s find out.

Who is Jennifer Saginor?

Jennifer Saginor has spent her entire childhood in the Playboy mansion. She is the daughter of Hugh Hefner’s former personal physician. Her father used to work in the mansion, so Jennifer often visited and spent a lot of time at the Playboy Mansion at age six. Her parents were divorced when she was quite young. Thus, most of her upbringing was done by her father, within the four walls of the mansion.


In her adulthood, Jennifer Saginor became an author, gaining fame after she wrote about her childhood in the Playboy Mansion. Through her book, she described the environment of the mansion. Since she spent her childhood in the mansion, it also shaped her during her formative years.

She even shares her experience with the creator of Secrets of Playboy. So, we can expect Jennifer Saginor will play a major role in the series.


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Dark Secrets of Playboy

The documentary will reveal all the allegations against the Playboy magazine. It pulls the curtain back on the infamous mansion and how it was like a cult controlled by Hugh Hefner. With Secrets of Playboy, director Alexandra Dean wishes to go beyond the PR image Hefner created and explore his dark side.


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After the release of the documentary, the brand launched an open letter that explained, “First and foremost, we want to say: we trust and validate women and their stories, and we strongly support the individuals who have come forward to share their experiences. As a brand with sex-positivity at its core, we believe safety, security, and accountability are paramount, and anything less is inexcusable”.

Will we see Jennifer Saginor on Netflix?


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Unfortunately, Dark Secrets of Playboy will only be availalbe for watch on A7E network and Hulu. Therefore, we cannot see exclusive interviews of Jennifer Saginor on Netflix. However, the docuseries may make it to the streaming giant in the future, given Netflix’s love for documentaries.

Have you watched the 10-part documentary series on A&E yet? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments.



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