Who Dies in ‘Stranger Things’ Season 5? Here Are 5 Characters Who Could Potentially Shatter Fans’ Heart

Published 06/28/2024, 2:46 AM EDT

Every Stranger Things season has ended with the defeat of evil, albeit with the evil returning stronger in the next season. However, even in the momentary respite of a season ending well for the beloved characters, there is always a tingling melancholy for the ones the fandom lost along the way. Whether it was Bob Newby in season 2, Alexei in season 3, or Eddie Munson in season 4, Stranger Things has never given an ending that could be considered truly 'happy'. As the fifth season approaches, the fear is that the final season will push fans to tears like never before. 

For some characters, particularly, the writing is on the wall, and it is quite clear they are headed for a downfall. 

Steve Harrington


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The moment word got out that a fan-loved character would meet their end in Season 4, everyone thought of Steve Harrington. Harrington, apart from Billy Hargrove, of course, is the only character who made a 180 from being one of the least favorite to most beloved. And what better way could the makers pull heartstrings than by taking King Steve from fans? However, it is his charm and popularity in the fandom that also makes his death seem most unlikely compared to the other four characters on this list. 

In previous seasons, Harrington has proven he can hold his own against demogorgons and all the creatures in the Upside Down, at least better than he can against humans. He is also one of the characters who has survived Upside Down. Though the makers love to throw him into the worst of dangers, it is possible that they would let him bleed dry but spare his life in Stranger Things season 5. 

Nancy Wheeler

Nancy Wheeler's death would be particularly impactful for the show's arc. In the previous seasons, fans saw how Bob Newby's death made the Byers move out of town and how Billy Hargrove's death shaped the entire arc of Max Mayfield in season 4. Hence, if Nancy bites it in season 5, it will not only affect Steve, Jonathan Byers, and Mike Wheeler but also the entire Wheeler family, who have been largely unaware of the unfolding horrors in Hawkins since Season 1.

On top of that, if Nancy's death hits her brother Mike hard, it will also crush Eleven. And it is no secret that Eleven would move heaven and earth for the love of her life. However, after Nancy snuck off with Steve in Season 1, abandoning her best friend, a lot of fans have not been too keen on her character. So, this could actually work out well for both the showrunners, given the dramatic arc this death could bring, and the fans, as it might not be as devastating as, say, if Jim Hopper dies. 

Jim Hopper

Jim Hopper quickly transformed from a bad cop to a good cop in the first season itself. The character who seemed like a grumpy, unbothered sheriff turned out to be the biggest shield of Hawkins and, of course, Eleven. Fans had already gone through one round of grief for Hopper in Season 3, and now Season 5 seems to spell nothing but danger for the character. The reason being, his paternal instincts, not just towards Eleven but the entire Hawkins monster-fighting group. It is safe to say that if Steve is the mother of all the Hawkins kids, Hopper is the dad.

This could be the sole reason for Hopper to sacrifice himself to protect the kids, much like he has done before. While his death would be gut-wrenching, to say the least, his heroic sacrifice could also be somewhat easier for fans to accept, as the makers have already ingrained in fans’ minds that Hopper always protects others at the cost of his life. 

Will Byers

If anyone deserves a happy ending (or a good haircut) in Season 5, it is Will Byers. But the chances of either of that happening are pretty slim. The character has endured nothing but suffering since the first 30 minutes of the show. Even though he was somewhat freed from the antagonist's spell after Season 2, he still gets 'goosebumps,' which means he still feels a connection to Vecna. The strongest hint of Will’s demise came from the actor Noah Schnapp himself.

During a 2023 interview with Forbes, Schnapp stated, "The story started with Will, and it will end with Will". Given how the creators love to make this character suffer, it would not be surprising to see him being the sacrificial lamb of season 5, though it would be vomit-inducing sad. While Stranger Things, the show, started with Will Byers, it was not really the beginning of the story.

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It all began with Eleven, played by Millie Bobby Brown, and her showdown with the ultimate antagonist, Vecna, who went by One or Henry Creel back then. 



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Eleven is the nuclear weapon of the Hawkins crew who always ends the fight, no matter how much the other characters fight the evil in between. Eleven dying would probably be the easiest pill to swallow, as she could fulfill a typical protagonist's role, perishing alongside the antagonist to save her people. However, Eleven is not always as strong. 

There are situations when even the main character needs assistance from the crew. Therefore, the makers need to handle this thoughtfully with a trilling action-packed showdown that would satisfy the viewers, and not in a Max Mayfield-ish way, who could have been the sixth person to die on this list. Now that fans have the entire history of Hawkins and the Upside Down at hand, it is safe to predict that it all started with Eleven and One and will end with the two of them leaving the cursed town once and for all.


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Who do you think is going to die in Stranger Things season 5? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!



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