Who Are Nimue and Stribog, the Latest Add Ons to Netflix’s ‘The Witcher’ 4? How Will They Shape the Saga Following Regis’ Revival?

Published 01/21/2024, 1:04 AM EST

Right now, the creators of The Witcher are jet-skiing on their brainstorming capabilities to explain the recasting of Henry Cavill for the upcoming installment. Recently, it came to the revelation that a storyline set far off in the future will be taken up from Andrzej Sapkowski’s novel to justify this inevitable transition. Along with this, the character additions of Nimue and Stribog also found a home in The Witcher’s next chapter shortly after Regis’ arrival.

These surprising add-ons stirred the interest of the fans into discerning the possibilities in the way they could shape Liam Hemsworth’s introduction as Geralt. Now, let’s take a look at who the characters really are and the purpose they will serve.

Who is Nimue in The Witcher?


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The fourth season of The Witcher is not only looking forward to the vampire avatar of Laurence Fishburne as Regis but also Nimue and Stribog, whose play in the show will catalyze the debut of Hemsworth as Geralt. As per Redanian Intelligence, The Witcher 4 begins in a fast-forward sorcerer’s world of the future where Nimue, a young girl, is obsessed with a “knight” and a “Lady Viola” whom she was told about by Stribog.

Now, delving to the cores of Sapkowski’s novel, Nimue is a young fan of Stribog whose aged tales of Geralt and Yennefer intrigue her to shape her future endeavors. In the audition clip as well, Nimue looks forward to becoming like Yennefer and aspires to study at Aretuza. These childhood fantasy legends serving her ultimate inspiration further her to hire a oneiromancer, Condwiramurs Tilly, to unearth the truth about the stories.


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However, for more of the story, more clues need to fit the puzzles about the storyteller, Stribog.

Stribog: The Witcher Season 4’s new addition

In the pages of Sapkowski’s legend, Stribog is a wandering storyteller who entertains children with century-old tales of a witcher in return for food. It is indeed from the stories of Stribog that Nimue envisions herself chartering the roads of Aretuza in the Witcherverse. However, as per the reports, there also lies the striking possibility that Seanchai from The Witcher: Blood Origin is the same figure as The Witcher 4’s Stribog.

The reason why this idea bears weight is that Seanchai was introduced as a “time-traveling, shape-shifting storyteller”. Although not much can be darted upon as of now, his debut with Nimue and Regis could definitely sort out a fresh range of POVs which was earlier brought into the front way by Tomek Baginski.

The Witcher Season 4 POVs

Baginski was previously steadfast in not moving ahead without justifying the recast of Henry Cavill as Geralt, unlike many other shows. Hence, his dedication gave birth to a new set of perspectives that could unfold with the unveiling of The Witcher 4. 

Nimue’s POV

The first POV could be hellbent on Nimue’s discovery of the unreliable narrator, her father, Stribog, for which she hires the oneiromancer. As the pair tries to piece up the nooks and details of the legends, Stribog’s version could be about Geralt who looked like Henry Cavill. On the other hand, her version of the investigation could highlight a Geralt, who is Liam Hemsworth and not Cavill.

Furthermore, according to this, Baginski explained that there are also chances that Condwiramurs will be replaced by Seanchai of The Witcher: Blood Origin to tell Nimue how Geralt really did look. This would clearly attest to Baginski’s interview with Yahoo, where he pitched a “new vision of Geralt with Liam.”. However, now that the probability suggests Seanchai’s reprisal as either Stribog or Condwiramurs, which actuality will ultimately make it to the screens is on the makers.

Multiverse POV

Unlike The Witcher books, the crossover of time and space with the multiverse came sooner to the live-action adaptation of The Witcher: Blood Origin. This core idea of a clashing continuum of space will recur in The Witcher 4 to explain the recasting of Cavill and ensure a smooth transition to Hemsworth’s taking on the role. And oblivious to their previous war with source accuracy, this shift from Cavill to Hemsworth will ideally vouch for lore accuracy.

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In his interview, Baginski also gave a special mention to book five, The Lady of the Lake, to hint at Ciri’s travel through different worlds. However, one crucial thing to note here is how it can lead to confusion for the onlookers for this reason.

POV of Confusion


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Over the years, a thing that has time and again created a fuss in The Witcher‘s cast and crew is their disloyalty to the source. However, since Baginski believes that the makers will overcome the due in the coming season, a battle of facts makes one wonder how. One of the missing dots here is that Andrzej Sapkowski’s books do not cater to different versions of Geralt across different universes.

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Instead, the authority of Geralt lies in one Geralt of Rivia through every universe. Hence, with the revelations of perspectives, the curiosity also heightens as to how the creators will ultimately stay true to the source and reflect a smooth change from Cavill to Hemsworth. Especially with the recent additions of Nimue, Stribog, and Regis, one cannot help but turn back the pages to find some clarity in these pledges.


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