Who All Have Died in Ozark So Far? Every Death EXPLAINED

Published 01/27/2022, 8:00 PM EST

Set in a criminal underworld where characters show and get no mercy, Ozark might be one of Netflix’s most popular shows, but that isn’t all it is. This Netflix Original is one of the most violent shows on the platform. Be it minor characters we got a glimpse of only for a moment or prominent ones we thought were untouchable, Ozark has some of the most gritty deaths on television. Since the number of deaths gets difficult to keep up with after a while, we have compiled the list of all major deaths in 4 seasons of the series so far. The list is a long one, so it’s time to buckle up!

Ozark Season 1:

Russ and Boyd Langmore


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The death of Russ and Boyd was not only shocking, but it was exceptionally gory. When Ruth ends up turning on both her uncles, she decides electrocuting them is the best option she has. Not only was this scene exceptionally shocking, it prepared viewers for what’s to come.

Camino Del Rio

While he might usually get away with sneaky remarks, Darlene was not about to let Del call her a “redneck” and not have him pay for it. Well, in this case, it was extremely intense as she shoots him with no second thoughts.

Ozark season 2:

Buddy Dieker

While the Byrde family’s terminally ill roommate looked like he was going to bite the dust since the very beginning, his death was still somehow shocking.

Roy Petty

Roy was quite a dedicated FBI officer who happened to overtax his strength and associated himself with Cade Langmore. This was what led to his death.

Jacob Snell

Another powerful character we assumed would actually continue living to see the light of day is Jacob Snell. Being a powerful politician, he couldn’t have been killed by someone else. But, considering their seemingly happy marriage, watching Darlene to do the deed was the last thing we would have seen coming.

Mason Young

Having been through extreme traumas that destroyed his family, career and eventually, his sanity, we expected Jason Snell to fall prey to one of the powerful characters sooner or later. Then again, this Netflix Original doesn’t believe in doing what fans are expecting. As a result, Jason was killed in a gunned conflict with the Byrdes.

Cade Langmore

Cade had always resented the parent/child dynamic between his daughter Ruth and Marty. As a result, he went out to humiliate the Byrdes. Marty decided that he’d had enough of Cade’s shenanigans when he orchestrated the latter’s death.

Ozark season 3:

Ben Davis

When Wendy’s reckless brother was introduced to us in Ozark season 3, we knew he wasn’t going to be around for long. But watching Wendy make the choice between her brother and her family was heartbreaking, to say the least. She revealed his location to a hitman Helen Pierce had sent after him.

Helen Pierce

After orchestrating Ben’s death, it was time for karma to play its card. Helen Pierce was climbing the ladders of success as she planned to overthrow the Byrdes. Hence, her death at Omar Navarro’s compound was perhaps the most shocking aspect of Ozark so far.

Ozark season 4:

Since it is only part 1 of season 4 that has been released so far, we will only list the deaths we’ve come across in the same.

Sheriff John Nix

Right from season 1, we have been seeing sheriff John Nix. But back then we did not see the deranged Javi, who killed the police officer.

Frank Cosgrove Jr.

Darlene is not a character to be messed with. The woman loses her fuse very often, as she did with Kerry’s driver. Another case of the same is the death of Frank Cosgrove Jr whose rude remarks earned him a clean death using a shotgun.

Darlene Snell and Wyatt Langmore


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Considering how both Darlene and Wyatt were two of the most prominent characters in Ozark, their death should’ve been extremely shocking. Strangely, it wasn’t.

A conflict that we have been seeing right from season 1 finally came to an end as Darlene saw her end through the hands of Javi. Unfortunately for Wyatt, the last words he ever heard were “I have no idea who you are, sorry,” making for a gut wrenching scene.


Showrunner Chris Mundy Teases the Plot of Ozark Season 4 Part 2

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With this, we end this list of the massive number of deaths in Ozark on Netflix. Well, Ozark season 4 part 2 is yet to be released, so it will continue then. Stay tuned for the same!

All seasons of Ozark is streaming on Netflix.



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