Which Squid Game Character Are You? Check Here With Whom Your Personality Matches

Published 10/24/2021, 11:00 AM EDT

Squid Game has gained massive popularity and Squid Game’s characters are a major reason why fans find the show so unforgettable. From an evil capitalist to a gambler who was ready to give millions of dollars away- the series really has it all. But, which of these Squid Game characters do you resonate with?

Seong Gi-hun


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Seong Gi-hun is a gambler who is dependent on his mother’s earnings in his middle age. He also isn’t the perfect father, despite his little efforts to be one.

The main character of Squid Game is far from ideal. He’s had a bit of a rough decade and is probably not very useful. The man seems as if he’d be the weakest link of every group project. But, Gi-hun is also a sweet man who would team up with an old man despite it possibly turning fatal.

Kang Sae-byeok

There’s a reason Sae-byeok is one of the most popular Squid Game characters. The woman is effortlessly cool, wears clothes that would totally go viral on an Instagram “aesthetic” streetwear account, and is pretty badass. Sae-byeok is cold, smart but has a soft side she doesn’t show often.

Cho Sang-woo

Sang-woo came from the same neighborhood as Gi-hun, but went to the best university in Korea and would’ve been a millionaire if not for a bunch of bad investments. The man definitely seems like he peaked in school and wears glasses just to look and feel smarter than others. This Squid Game character is also definitely a sore loser and a sore winner, as we’ve seen in the Netflix Original series.

Hwang Jun-ho

If Hwang Jun-ho, the detective, who went looking for his brother, reminds you of that one kid from class who was innocent but always ended up in the middle of sticky situations- you aren’t alone.


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Jun-ho was a valiant young man and his smarts weren’t to be taken for granted. He was upright and clever but could have done with a little less recklessness.


Sae-byok and Ji-yeong’s conversation in the fourth game was all we saw of this unfriendly character, but it revealed a lot about this Squid Game character. The girl is tired of life at a very young age. She is not one to follow rules, and that could land her in detention a bit too frequently.

Jang Deok-su

Perhaps the most abhorred character of the Netflix Original series, Deok-su spent the entirety of his free time in the game either bullying people or making them fight when he was too tired to do anything himself. The man is not honest or loyal to anyone. Outside of the Squid Game world, he definitely would have had a Twitter account dedicated to cyberbullying, where he brags about his one single life achievement extensively.

Han Mi-nyeo

The obnoxiously loud character from Squid Game managed to get on almost everyone’s nerves for a reason. The woman was an unnecessarily compulsive liar, the likes of which we sometimes see first hand. Mi-nyeo reminds one of that annoying and entitled classmate that is never invited anywhere but never fails to turn up.

Oh Il-nam

The most shocking twist of Squid Game ironically involves a tired old man that would just lay in bed doing nothing. Il-nam would also use his brains and luck to win, as he did in the tug-of-war and marbles games. This Squid Game character is definitely someone you want in your team.


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Abdul Ali

Ali was a hard-working and capable migrant that was deceived by a rich man outside the Squid Game universe, forcing him to re-join the games, and again inside it, costing him his life. The man was truly too good and pure for the world.


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So did you find out which character you are?



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