“When fate summons…” – Existential Questions Loom ‘The Crown’ as Netflix Drops Part 2 Trailer to Mark the End of an Era

Published 12/01/2023, 11:48 AM EST

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“We’re ready, Ma’am.” The latest trailer for the second part of Netflix’s riveting royal drama, The Crown, paints forward a gloomy and gritty showdown. At a time when real-life royal events are at a watershed low, the upcoming show aims to mark its conclusion by leaving no truth barred from the screens. An epic scale of grandness and realism has long carried the show forward to the chokehold of top-tier television. Thanks to its screenwriting, audiences have gone through several decades of near-accurate royal UK monarchy and will sit through one last time as it unwinds Princess Diana’s unfortunate car crash and its aftermath.

A teaser trailer for the final six episodes has brought forward a closer look at the characters, a likely tear-jerking ride, and the road ahead.

The latest trailer for Netflix’s The Crown shows Prince William struggling to smile


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The first four episodes of the grand slate of conclusion of The Crown already premiered back on November 16. However, the upcoming episodes in December hide under its garbs some of the most riveting events in modern royal history. The trailer opened, with the royal family taking a family portrait after the death of Princess Diana. A gloomy detail showcased Prince William struggling to liven up a fake smile as the camera flashed hauntingly past him. Additionally, it also painted a shadowy road ahead for Imelda Staunton’s Queen Elizabeth II.

The near-three-minute trailer showcased the Queen struggling to get a grip on reality as everything started to fall apart. Furthermore, the incoming episodes would also mark the two brothers dealing with the aftermath of Princess Diana’s passing and entering the next millennium. Finally, as hinted long before, glimpses of the early days of a blooming romance between Kate Middleton and Prince William found their place. However, the pivotal focus remains on the Queen, as after all, it is but her tale. “When fate summons, even monarchs must obey,” it set the tone.


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