What Is A Tale Dark & Grimm Netflix? Is It Really Dark and Grimm?

Published 10/12/2021, 5:46 AM EDT

Since October has started, and it is the month of ghosts, witches, and spooky creatures; Everyone is pulling out shows and movies that stark fear in the audience. Did you really think that Netflix would miss out on this opportunity? Netflix, too, has joined the party and is here with a really fun, amazing, and rather dark animated show called A Tale Dark & Grimm.

The animated series tells the story of a brother-sister duo; and their adventure through various popular tales of The Brothers Grimm. Both the children go through a lot of struggles, adventures, and much more just to find a place to belong.


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The source of the story

While a majority of us a familiar with the famous stories of Hansel and Gretel, the German fairytale classic, written in 1812 by the Brothers Grimm; this animated version is rather light-hearted.

In the original version of the story, two brothers are abandoned in the middle of the forest; and while finding a way out of it, they end up with a witch who plans to eat them; Well, cannibalism is a little too much to be called a “Fairy Tale” and we would rather call this a nightmare, but okay. People are not kidding when they say that the stories are disturbing, cause they actually are!

A Tale Dark and Grimm Netflix

The 10-episode animated series on Netflix is a much lighter take on the German tales of Hansel and Gretel. While it still has kept the darker and scarier elements, including the cannibalistic witch, abandonment of the kids, and much more; the animation, in general, is appealing to children.

The show opens up with the father of Hansel and Gretel beheading them; dark, isn’t it? The story then follows the duo as they go through a myriad of adventures encountering witches, warlocks, dragons, and the devil himself. Through the entire course of the series, we are accompanied by three crows (or maybe ravens) who are, well, just shady and peculiar.


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Is it really dark and grim?

A Tale Dark and Grimm Netflix is sure to draw audiences from different age groups alike; while the kids will love it for animations and aesthetics, the plot of the movie is sure to interest adults and teens. The narrator saying, “Hansel and Gretel found something to replace their parents’ love: food.” will go on to receive various reactions.

The show sure is dark and grim, but the makers also keep it all mellow as it targets children as well. We’d say you can give it a watch with the spirit of October, or rather Spook-tober.


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