Fans ‘Bet Their Money’ On Wednesday As a Mash-Up Piece Bring Her and Ghostface Eye-To-Eye

Published 01/22/2023, 4:30 PM EST

With a heaping dollop of macabre feminist flair, Netflix’s Addams Family spinoff, Wednesday has made the most out of every creepy cooky opportunity and gothic aesthetic. And well, the show’s blackly and wittily charming heart resides in the intense and magnetic performance by the coming-of-age actress Jenna Ortega. This is not all on her part. The year 2022 also saw her in another career-defining role in Scream.

However, in the whodunit mystery, Ortega stars as Tara Carpenter, Sam’s teenage half-sister, whom the infamous Ghostface is more than eager to kill. But do you think he will be able to stand a chance if Ortega donned her killer Wednesday Addams avatar? A digital artist recently pitched the prompt by bringing Wednesday and Ghostface eye-to-eye. And well, fans have a say on it!


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A fan art brings Wednesday Addams and Ghostface together, and Twitterati react in enthrallment

Just to let you know, Thing won’t let anyone touch his little girl! Going by the name Boss Logic, the user apparently prompted a Wednesday Addams and Ghostface crossover in his digital art. They have perfectly combined the two franchises in the mash-up with Jenna Ortega’s gothic character and vengeful Ghostface meeting eye-to-eye. But little does the Scream evil know, Thing is knocking at his shoulders from behind.

It is pretty much evident from the fan art that Ghostface is not likely to come out victorious in front of Ortega’s gothic character. Notably, fans of the dark series are of the same mind as they advocate betting their money on Wednesday.

One fan interestingly calls it a “knives-out mystery.”

Others just advise the Scream goon to turn away and run!

But the best comment came in when the fan art got converted into a meme.

Well, one Twitter user has something else in mind! Interestingly, they suspect they are forming an alliance. Furthermore, Wednesday might as well own Ghostface.

Notably, most have a singular opinion- if the fight does take place, Wednesday will undoubtedly win the brawl; turning Ghostface “into dust.”


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This opinion unsurprisingly continues to exist. You can go through a plethora of such fan reactions here.


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What is your opinion on this deadly and dark crossover, though? Do let us know in the comments below.



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