Was Splitting Shows Like ‘Stranger Things’ a Strategy to Deal With Netflix Subscribers Loss?

Published 04/25/2022, 2:30 PM EDT

The whole world was in a shock last week when the news of Netflix subscribers loss came out. Those loyal to the streaming service could not wrap their heads around the news. However, since the announcement, people have started to understand some of the policies that Netflix announced in the previous year better.

It might also explain why Netflix chose to split certain shows into two parts.

Netflix subscribers loss may have been a reason for Stranger Things to be split into two parts


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Netflix’s choice to split Stranger Things season 4’s launch dates into two days might be explained by the company’s declining subscription base. Netflix has effectively established itself as a trustworthy entertainment supplier since its beginning as a streaming service in 2007.

However, the platform has recorded a drop in member numbers for the first time in a decade. This calamity may possibly expound on important release dates, like those of Stranger Things, in addition to predicting Netflix’s imminent collapse.

Aside from Stranger Things season 4, Ozark‘s final season received two parts as well. Netflix’s latest turmoil might potentially give insight into this decision.

Stranger Things and Ozark are without a doubt one of Netflix’s most popular originals, with the former getting record-breaking viewership in 2019. The three-year wait for the sci-fi drama’s fourth season has only added to the buzz. So the streaming platform’s decision to stagger the episodes makes sense.

Netflix can extend the demand for Stranger Things season 4 over multiple quarters by releasing it in May and July. This will help them sustain and even drive membership growth. We can deduce the same thing happened to Ozark and maybe even Grace and Frankie, the final episodes of which will soon premiere.


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Besides splitting shows into two volumes, Netflix is also looking into different ways to increase revenue. For starters, they are going ahead with their password-sharing crackdown. And according to reports, password sharing alone will help regain Netflix much of its revenue, that is if it works.

Apparently, Netflix is also looking into advertisement and advertisement-less subscription options. All of these measures combined with its huge upcoming shows should help Netflix have a steady if not profitable 2022.

Netflix needs to be more careful


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Despite all its measures, Netflix must carefully examine its actions as it confronts harsh conditions in the near future, especially given how much money it has spent on Stranger Things season 4. According to reports, each episode of Stranger Things season 4 has a $30 million budget. The increase covers possible salary raises and production costs.

The decision to split the season into two parts might be a way for the network to get additional subscribers by delaying the premiere of a show that millions have been waiting for. As a result, this will almost certainly cover the season’s $200 million+ budget and generate additional money.


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It’s reasonable that Netflix prioritizes Stranger Things in its creative and operational decisions. After all, the retro-themed science fiction mystery show’s success contributed significantly to Netflix’s current status as a streaming giant.

What are your thoughts on the decision that Netflix is starting to split shows into two parts? Let us know in the comments.



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