Unsure about Rob Delaney as Peter in ‘Deadpool 3’? Find him with Ryan Reynolds in this fan favorite movie

Published 02/24/2023, 4:30 AM EST

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Ryan Reynolds starrer Deadpool 3 has been the talk of the town ever since it was announced. The hype surrounding the Canadian actor’s MCU debut is unreal. Furthermore, Reynolds has left no stone unturned, as he has been making some major announcements about the third installment. From Hugh Jackman’s comeback as Wolverine to Emma Corrin playing a supervillain in the movie, the project looks surely exciting. While there have been some major revelations, fans are eager to know whether Rob Delaney, who played Peter in Deadpool 2, will reprise his role. Well, in the meantime, here is another project featuring Rob Delaney and Ryan Reynolds that Deadpool fans should checkout.

Ryan Reynolds, as we all know, is one of the established actors in the industry today. Reynolds is no stranger to taking up roles under big franchises. And back in 2019, Reynolds starred in a mystery fantasy comedy film based on the Pokemon franchise. Detective Pikachu premiered worldwide in May 2019. The film alongside Reynolds features another Deadpool star Rob Delaney. Reynolds is the voice behind the virtual character in the movie a.k.a Detective Pikachu. Detective Pikachu followed the story of Tim Goodman played by Justice Smith, whose father, Harry Goodman, a top-tier detective, vanished.



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In an attempt to find his missing father, Tim decided to team up with Goodman’s partner. And that’s where things got interesting. Goodman’s partner was a wise, funny, sleuth Detective Pikachu. The duo came together to search for Harry Goodman. Apart from Reynolds and Smith, the film also featured Simone Ashley and Rita Ora. Furthermore, Kathryn Newton also starred as Lucy Stevens in the movie. While Reynolds does not have a real role in the movie, his wisecracks as Detective Pikachu would leave you in splits. Previously, Reynolds even revealed the reason why he decided to voice the character.

Will Rob Delaney feature in Deadpool 3 alongside Ryan Reynolds?

Deadpool 3 is surely going to be a star-studded film. Apart from Jackman, who will reprise his role as Wolverine, even Blind Al will return to the film. Not long ago, Reynolds subtly hinted towards the same on Twitter. However, whether Peter a.k.a. Rob Delaney will return or not is up in the air. However, Delaney previously shed some light on the topic in an interview with Comic Book. The actor pitched his idea on how his character could return in the third installment.


Did Ryan Reynolds Just Reveal the Possibility of Seeing Peter Again in ‘Deadpool 3’?

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